Namine the Ninja

Namine Nevele was an unloved child that no one cared about until a force of light found her and chose her to join The Academy. The Academy is training for secret agents, spies, and ninjas. She was chosen as a ninja which has become her passion. Spending most of her childhood training, she is ready for the biggest challenge of her life. Will she win and be the best of the best? Or will she fail and let evil kill?


2. Ten Years

Today was my ten year anniversary of being at The Academy. I had gone through levels faster than anyone here. I was one of the greatest students at The Academy now.

I got out of my bed that Penny gave me when I was five. I took out my clothes she had promised me then too. I tugged a black long sleeve shirt over my head along with black skinny jeans. I pulled on black flat boots and black gloves that exposed my fingers. I applied my make up, black, black, and more black. You would think this school was depressing with all the black. But, it was actually quite normal. I pulled my hair, that had now darkened into a dirty blonde, into a ponytail. Not a hair out of place. I accessed myself and then opened my door and stepped out shutting it. The doors lock automatically and open to your specific pass which I had embedded in my right hand glove. I always wore those gloves. My door shut and clicked locking it.

I was about to make my way into the Student Dorm Lounge, where all the students hang out when they don't have classes, when someone ran up and kicked me in the stomach so that I fell backwards to the floor. Maybe because it was the ten year anniversary, but it reminded me exactly of when the landlord let me go and I fell to the ground in my old apartment.

I swiftly jumped up, enraged, and everyone knew it. "Who kicked me?" I barely managed to get out between clenched teeth. A boy my age laughed stepping out of the crowd, slightly raising his hand.

"That would be the beautiful work of me." He stepped towards me and I didn't bother backing down. He was a level below me, but boys were often stronger. I stepped towards him as well. "You really think you, a girl, could beat me, one of the best?"

"Do you really think you're one of the best?!" I blurt out before even thinking of it.

He took that as a challenge. "I don't have to think it because I know it."

"I don't want to hurt your ego. So, let's not fight." Ooo's rang out through the crowd that now formed around us.

"Someone's a bit feisty." He snickered. I froze. My thoughts being jolted toward my landlord. This couldn't be happening. I ran over to that boy so fast, I couldn't even believe it.

"You say that to me again, and I will hurt you very much." He said in his face.

"Feisty." He said again and then aimed for a punch.

I grabbed his fist and twisted it around driving it into the ground so he flipped in the air landing on his back with a thud. He got back up right away and spun in the air trying to kick me. I ducked and spun sticking my leg out, tripping him so he stumbled again. I put all my anger towards him, I had from my landlord. I picked up his body by the shirt and as he tried to punch me out to regain his balance I threw him back on the ground. He managed to get up and I went over and punched him across the face. I went to walk away and leave him there, but he grabbed me from behind and once again, my old landlord popped up. I spun around our faces almost touching, his arms around me tightly. I could feel his warm breath on my skin. I lifted my leg between us kicking him in the stomach, onto the ground, away from me. He slid across the floor slightly. I walked over to him and people stepped away from me.

I wrapped my fingers around his neck lightly and whispered in to his ear. "Don't ever touch me again." I hissed, saying the exact same words I told my landlord. My grip tightened around his throat and he started flailing his arms. People had frightened expressions on their face. The boy was about to pass out until Penny screamed out at me.

"Namine Nevele! Let go of him right now!" She ran over to me gracefully in her skirt and heels. "I came to congratulate you for your ten years, but instead I find you almost choking a boy to death. I let go of him and stood up.

"He called me the word." I took a deep gulp not even able to say it without wanting to punch something. The boy stumbled to get up and Penny helped him.

"Jeez! Someone's a b--" Penny interrupted him before he could finish.

"Jessie. You aren't helping. You don't know her situation either. Go calm down and I'll be right over." Penny pointed to one of the comfy chairs by a TV. People followed him trying to see if he was okay. No one stayed near me except for Penny.

"What was I supposed to do?! Hold back the rage inside of me. He did exactly what my landlord did! I couldn't handle it!" I told her as soon as we were further away from the group.

"I understand. But, maybe it's all getting to you because it's your ten year anniversary with leaving them." Penny touched my shoulder softly. She was like my mother.

"Have you heard anything?" I asked her. I was talking about the news. Sometimes when The Academy takes recruits their families wonder where they went and the news talks about it. It said nothing about me. No where. Like I never existed.

"No." Penny looked in her lap and then back into my eyes. "I'm so sorry, Namine." Penny stood up. "You can have the day off. Go to the  Academy gym and just punch stuff. Get it all out of your system." She rubbed my arm, game me a hug, and clicked away in her heels.

Class started and I walked to the gym. We were never allowed to leave Academy grounds unless on a mission. I punched and kicked the punching bag many times. I looked at myself in the mirror and for some reason the rage built immensely. I punched the punching bag so hard, putting all my energy into the next punches. Tears welled up in my eyes for the first time in ten years. I burst out into tears and I spun and kicked the punching bag so hard, it flew back at me and hit me back unexpectedly.

I fell down to the floor hard, everything became blurry and dizzy. I heard a door slam and footsteps. I couldn't make out who was standing over me, but I just laid there as I heard them yell out for help. I blacked out and I couldn't see a thing, but I could feel the wind rushing through my loose ponytail. I completely blacked out and heard nothing, saw nothing, and felt nothing.

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