Namine the Ninja

Namine Nevele was an unloved child that no one cared about until a force of light found her and chose her to join The Academy. The Academy is training for secret agents, spies, and ninjas. She was chosen as a ninja which has become her passion. Spending most of her childhood training, she is ready for the biggest challenge of her life. Will she win and be the best of the best? Or will she fail and let evil kill?


3. I Never Would've Thought

I awoke with a pounding headache in an all white room. I probably stuck out with my all black on. I tried to get up a little when the nurse rushed over.

"Miss Nevele, you might want to take it slow a bit. You really bumped your head." She old lady told me.

"Um, excuse me." I tried to get her attention again, sitting up slowly. "Do you know who found me?" I asked.

The nurse smiled. "I do. But, he said for me not to tell you. He's quite a hero. You could've been hurt even more if he didn't rush you here. He sprinted down the hallways just to bring you here. You're lucky to have him." The nurse walked away working on something with her clipboard. I got up, feeling slightly dizzy, but shook it away. I was fine. I had gotten hurt more before in this place.

I left the nurses office, but clung to the wall feeling a little unbalanced. I made my way to the student's dorm lounge so I could go to my room. I was reaching my hand out to open my door, but got interrupted by a boy who yelled out my name. "Hey Jessie! Namine's a little off balance getting beat up by equipment. You should go toss her around and show her who's boss!" The boy snickered along with his little clique. I turned around to look at them. Jessie looked over at me and rubbed his neck.

"Leave her alone, guys." He said softly and then walked off to his room. I just stood there with my mouth open, extremely shocked. I turned back around and waved my hand in front of the scanner on my door to unlock it.

I walked in and shut the door behind me. I stood there for a minute shocked. I jumped when someone knocked on my door. I checked through the peek hole and saw that it was just one of my best friends at The Academy, Selphie. I met her a couple years after I came here. We were both the same age, though, she was a secret agent instead of a ninja. Secret agents didn't have to wear all black. They had to blend in, so they wore anything they wanted. Selphie had a high fashion sense, so she loved that. I opened the door for her and pulled her in. She tripped over her three inch heels as I grabbed her. I slammed the door shut behind her.

"What's wrong?" She asked, her deep blue eyes filled with curiosity.

"Someone told Jessie to fight me." I started.

"So? There's nothing weird about that."

"Yeah, but he told them to leave me alone and went to his room." I finished.

"That is really weird..." She walked over to my bed and sat down, resting her feet from the black heels. She wore a pair of purple skinny jeans and a purple long sleeve shirt with a black, sparkly vest over it. She tossed a piece of her straight brown hair behind her shoulder.

"What do you think it means?" I asked going to sit in the chair by my desk.

"That he has finally reached his mature level." Selphie suggested.

"No, seriously." We both laughed a little and someone else knocked on the door. We both stopped making any noise and Selphie went to go check the door. I had her go because she was one of the quietest people at our school. Secret agents had to be two things. Small and quiet. She fit both of those perfectly. She was only quiet when she wanted to be though. She peeked through the peek hole and opened the door.

"Hi Penny!" She smiled as Penny walked through the door. Selphie went to resume her position on the bed.

"Hey Penny." I greeted her calmly.

"You will not believe what I have recently found out. I think you should know even though he doesn't want you to. You owe an apology." Penny walked away from the door and over to me.

"Are you talking about the boy who brought me to the nurse?!" I asked her excited. I really was curious who this mystery hero was.

"Yes, I'm talking about him. You know, without him you could've gone into a coma or have severe brain trauma and never be able to be a ninja again."

"Who is it?!" I asked jumping out of my chair.

"Jessie." She said in one fluid word. I stood there, Selphie and my mouths wide open. I couldn't believe it. That's why he told them to leave me alone. I sat back down stunned.

Selphie got off the bed and went to the door. "I'll let you two talk." She whipped out of the room with a large smile on her face.

"I have to go too. But, remember, you need to apologize for this morning." She left me in my room stunned and I sat there for another good 10 minutes just thinking about what had just happened.

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