Namine the Ninja

Namine Nevele was an unloved child that no one cared about until a force of light found her and chose her to join The Academy. The Academy is training for secret agents, spies, and ninjas. She was chosen as a ninja which has become her passion. Spending most of her childhood training, she is ready for the biggest challenge of her life. Will she win and be the best of the best? Or will she fail and let evil kill?


1. And I Was Found

I rushed down the sidewalk peeking over my shoulder hoping that no one was there. Nothing. The crazy 50 year old, drunk that was the landlord of me and my mother's apartment had come after me again. He beat my mother a lot. As a result she beat me. I was only five and I practically raised myself ever since I hit this age. My mother told me I was old enough to understand reality. Though, this man was after me this time. I stopped and huffed out of breath thinking about what had just happened. It disturbed me very much.

He pushed a lock of my bleach blonde hair behind my shoulder and slowly moved his hand down my arm. When he reached my hand I whipped it away. Something with the look in his eye didn't seem right.

"Oh, it's okay sweetie. I won't hurt you." He smirked his disgusting smile exposing his yellow smoker's teeth.

"Don't ever touch me you butt!" I snapped at him backing away a little.

"A bit feisty for a five year old don't you think." He took a last swig of his beer can and placed it on the counter gently before stepping closer to me. He leaned his face in close to mine and I could smell the alcohol on his breath and smoke on his stain-filled clothes. He placed his hand on my back. I leaned away from him not bearing the smell. He pushed against my back though and slowly moved his hand down. He was going for my butt and I knew he was going to hurt me.

"I said, don't ever touch me." I said more forceful, pulling away even harder. He gripped tightly around my waist and I was too weak to force him off. He pushed me onto him and he kissed me, trying to shove our bodies together that I didn't want together. I tried squirming out, but couldn't. I took my leg and kneed him on the crotch. He released me immediately and I fell to the floor along with him. I quickly got up though and panicked. He started getting up and I punched him across the face. He fell to the side. I ran out of the apartment with him closely behind me. I tried sprinting down the three flights of stairs as fast as I could without falling. Eventually my young, activeness helped and his fat, drunkenness didn't.

That's how I managed to get to the street. So many people filled the streets and I lost my way back. The crisp, cold air blew up and I wished that I had at least grabbed a coat. I noticed I was standing directly in front of a dark alley. Of course, just my luck. I will probably get kidnapped now. A light slowly started to move closer to me, then a soft voice spoke to me.

"You are one of us. You must come with me before it is too late." The female voice said softly. I felt tears well up in my eyes. I tried to push away from the alley, but too many people were rushing by in front of me until another woman rushed by and pushed me into the alley. I figured since I was already in there it wouldn't do any harm now. I followed the light, walking further and further into the alley. I couldn't see a thing, so I decided to just follow the light. I ended up walking right into the wall.

"How is the light still going?!" I accidentally said out loud.

"It's just an illusion." The woman's voice was now behind me. I whipped around turning to a tall, slim, figure coming out of the darkness. "Follow me." She made her way through the wall and I was so confused. I tried walking through to see what would happen. I walked and went through! Dim lights were slowly getting brighter and I could see the woman more clearly.

She had bouncy brown curls that I liked watching as I followed her. She wore a grey jacket with a matching skirt that stopped a couple inches before her knees. She had probably four inch heels on and I loved listening to them click as she walked. We entered another room at the end of the hall. She sat at her desk and I sat in the comfy chair on the other side. She finally raised her head and I saw her face for the first time. Dark grey eyes as if it was about to rain, her skin had seen sun before, her lips were red like hearts on Valentine's Day and her long nails had a black pattern across them. She smiled at me and clicked some buttons on her computer, then started typing.

"Miss Nevele. I'm glad you chose to join us. It's much better than the outside world." The familiar voice spoke softly.

"How do you know me?" I asked a little scared, but somehow feeling safe.

"We've been watching you for quite a while Miss Nevele. You're a special little girl that deserves better."

"What is this place?" I asked confused.

"It's The Academy. We take people from abusive and unloving homes and bring them here to make them strong and smart to help us help rid the world from evil." She gave a warm smile. Something so unlike the landlord's. "We want you."

"What would I do?" I didn't care what it was, I was just happy to be away from home.

"We want to train you to be a ninja, Miss Nevele. You can accept it now or we can send you back--" I interrupted her before she could finish.

"I accept!" I almost yelled. I looked down embarrassed.

She typed into her computer. "It's okay Namine. Almost everyone does that." She stood. "Let me escort you to your new room." She retrieved things from a closet. "These are your new clothes. You'll get more as you grow up here." She came down to my short level. "My name is Penelope Eshleman. But, please. Just call me Penny, as in the money." She gave another warm smiled and escorted me to my room. That was my first day at The Academy and I never left.


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