Sirah: The Invasion

No one said that changing the past is going to be that easy.

4 Lords of an unknown dimension entered Trekanic school. They were scouted by an Elite teacher called Lucas.
They are the chosen ones, the hope and faith, they need to complete their missions as Sirah's noble Lords. The 'Land of Sirah' or 'Planet Jupiter' that used to be called. Sirah was a peaceful and beautiful place, but everything changed when an incident happened inside the Mt Olympus. They made Evil the new Master of Sirah, with no exceptions. Sirah's longing for a divine illumination. It's now up to the four Lords to bring that radiant into the hopeless world.


1. Prologue: The End of Time

Year 971x


'No... more.. No more. No! No! No more!' Audrey shouted. Her eyes looked scared to hell, as if she has seen a ghost. She heard screaming in her head, echoing over and over. As a result, she had a big head ache which made Audrey gave a loud, piercing cry.

'Audrey! No! Dammit!' Jasmine shouted while trying to escape from the cage. 'Audrey! You bloody bastard! What did you do!'.

'What did I do?' Lord Ashmack looked at Jasmine. She suddenly flinched, staring at his eyes as if he was saying "Shut up, you bitch".He then stared at Audrey, 'Well, i haven't done anything to her..' He paused and appeared in front of Jasmine, '...Yet' he added. Her eyes grew big and trembled with fear. Sweat all over her face. She slowly fell down on the floor. It was as if taking her breath away. Hearing Audrey scream again, Jasmine was conscious again.

 Damn, that bastard. There's gotta be a way to get out of this crap, Jasmine thought as she investigated the bars of the cage.

On the other hand, Jes concentrated intensely so that he could make a plan to escape. Grey sat on the corner of the cage silently, not saying a word. Luz barked loudly and tried to bite the bars, thinking that it would somehow break.

'It's no good, Luz. It's made out of Jocium. It's the most strongest, rarest, densest and lightest metal ever known. No man nor beasts and demons had ever broken it. So a Black Hound like you that has the sharpest teeth among your pack couldn't even scratch it.' Jasmine explained. Luz whimpered silently as she looked at Jasmine's confused face. Luz suddenly received chills down her spine that made her left eye glow red and she ferociously growled at Audrey's direction. Sensing death coming. She moved next to Gray who was still sitting silently on the corner of the cage. As she sat next to him, she slowly put her paw on his lap and silently growled. 

     Guards around them made sure that they don't try to escape so they poked Jasmine and the others with sticks. They threw stones at them, aiming recklessly anywhere at their body.


'Oh my, oh my. You can never defeat me! I'm the strongest man in Sirah. You can't ever surpass the Lord of Sirah. You're hundred years too early to even think to overpower me!' Lord Ashmack boasted, 'What can a little runt like you do? You can't even stand remembering those painful memories of yours', He added, then laughed like crazy. He walked to the panels and looked for a button. 'Let's see..' He paused and looked around and finally saw it. He looked at Audrey who was still shocked.

W-what... I...I can't move. What is this feeling? What's with these memories? It's scary. It feels nostalgic. I'm scared!  No.. No.. No! No! I want to... be stronger! I... I want to protect my friends!! I-I want to... be acknowledge by everyone! Even Grey! I want power!, Audrey thought. She screamed louder and louder after remembering her past. Her head felt heavy and her body felt numb, her heartbeat is so fast.

The front door was blown off and made everyone stopped what they're doing, except for Audrey. She didn't hear a thing because she kept on screaming. The man came in and shouted, 'Audrey! No! No! I'll go back! I'll do it! I promise you that I will save everyone! We will make everything go back to normal. Even if it costs me my life!'

Lord Ashmack laughed. 'Even if it costs you your life? Are you trying to make me laugh? You actually think that you can save everyone! Hah! You fools! This isn't a game!'

'How is this a game? And who said it was a game?' Gray finally said something. 'Are you an idiot?', he added and smiled. This time, his voice was different. He was different.

'Oh no! Why now? Of all times, why now? This is so stupid!' Jasmine complained.

'What? What's wrong? Grey...' Jes exclaimed as he looked at Gray.

'That idiot don't scare me...' Gray stood up and looked at Lord Ashmack.

'Says the one who was just sitting in the corner, crying silently, because we got trapped by a cage. Wah wah!' Jasmine teased.

'That was Grey, you idiot! Don't mistake me from him.' Gray shouted, blushing.

'Right...Sure it was.' Jes said sarcastically.

'Oh! How cute! His face is pink!' Jasmine whispered while giggling. 'And who you calling idiot, idiot!'

Gray turned his head away and looked at Audrey. He saw her standing there in the middle of the room, shaking with fear. Tears falling from her eyes. 

    Gray looked at the floor. If only I was strong enough to break through this stupid cage. I'm such an idiot. I want to save her and hug all her problems and fears away. And yet, I'm here, trapped inside a cage. I can tell how much pain Audrey had been through. Those innocent eyes of hers tells me this was the worst one yet, Gray thought.


'N-no.. No.. NO! NO! NO!' Audrey screamed as she kept on repeating those words of denial, shedding more tears. 'I... I..I'm sorry... B-but I'm the one that should save them!' She said to the man.

Audrey took her pocket watch from her pocket and held it on her right hand. She looked at it for a moment, making the tears fall on it. She saw the button blinking and thought for a moment about those brave men fighting outside. Outside those doors, these walls and windows, men are sacrificing their lives to save Sirah. To save everyone. The buildings were on fire and most of them were already half way of collapsing.

'Audrey! No! Damn!' The man shouted as he ran for the watch.

He took the watch from Audrey's hand and jumped off the window of a 30 feet building. He was falling down slower and slower and then...

I'm sorry, you guys. But I should be the one that needs to do it. I need to change the past, You missed a very important part and I'm the one to blame. Don't you worry, my friends. You will be saved, the man said to himself and then disappeared when he reached the bottom.

'You idiot!' Jasmine yelled as she tried to escaped by blasting the cage, Gray and Jes did the same. Audrey fell on her bottom, crying. She put her head on her hands.

  Lord Ashmack tried approached her, thinking it was the best time to kill her, now or never. But she barricaded herself with her aura. It was so strong that the guards suffocated just by the smell of it.

'What... How are you doing that?' Lord Ashmack asked. He moved back from Audrey. Shivering with fear.

'You...You...jerk!You...will pay... For what you've done!' Audrey snarled. She stood up and much more stronger aura came out, Surrounding her.

'Uh-oh! Gosh. We're trapped in a cage and now this... This is going to be a disaster.' Jasmine announced. Jasmine's necklace glowed and set off some kind of protection around the cage.

'How... How can you obtain... this kind of power?' Lord Ashmack sputtered. He fell down on the floor, looking at Audrey whose eyes became red. 'You're too late, anyway! You can't change it! You can never change the past. And it was...'.

'Stop whimpering, you ass! Don't sputter more useless excuses! We don't want to hear it! There's always a certain person who will be stronger than you! Don't underestimate me. I am the Daughter of the Legendary White Warrior!' Audrey shouted, as her face contorts into a devious smile.

'I humbly call upon thee, Valiant Guardian. Annihilate all of those who stands in my way!' Audrey summoned a demon. The aura became stronger and stronger. The walls crumbled and the windows shattered. The demon devoured Lord Ashmack's soul and what's left of him burned and turned into ashes. A bright light shone everyone's eyes.

The aura became weak and Audrey fainted on the floor.


     Audrey was woken up by Gray's voice. 'Audrey! Wake up! It's ok. Come on! Wake up!' Audrey slowly opened her eyes, seeing that the wall around them, especially the ceiling, was no where to be seen. 'You were great! You killed Lord Ashmack. You even blew off the ceiling. But...'

Audrey stood up. She looked around her. Jasmine and Jes were injured badly. Audrey healed Jasmine's and Jes's injuries with her healing power. She looked up and saw the 12 planets encircled in the sky. All 12 planets were together.

'The 12 planets, 12 Gods. They're all here. I hope he can make it in time. You know, change the past. Find what we missed.' Audrey sighed. 'All we have to do is wait for him to finish his mission.' They all huddled together, staring at the most beautiful, yet dangerous, view ever in the entire history.

'...The Sirah became a battlefield. 12 planets around planet Jupiter. And yet we're waiting for one man to finish something' Grey said.

'Oh, Grey! You're back! Thank goodness!' Audrey hugged Grey, tightly. His face suddenly turned pink. 'Oh! You're so cute when you're embarrassed!' Audrey added as she kissed him on the cheeks. Grey's face is now red. He turned his head away, but he smiled.

Oh, lookie here! She somehow calmed down, Jasmine smiled at the couple. Jes leaned his head on Jasmine's shoulder, but she moved away. With shock, her cheeks became red.

'Your face is red.' Jes said with a smile.

'How did... You didn't even look at me in the face so don't make up stuff.' Jasmine nervously said. She looked at Jes who was still looking down at the floor. Why is he still looking on the floor? Oh well, I guess it wouldn't hurt if we just do this once, Jasmine thought as she moved next to Jes. She grabbed his head and put it on her lap. Jes didn't move or say anything so Jasmine turned his head to see his face. Her face became more red when she saw that Jes was actually sleeping. She giggled softly as she rubbed Jes's head with her hands. She looked in the sky and closed her eyes with a smile on her face. Jes opened his right eye to look at Jasmine, he smiled and continued to sleep.


The man from before appeared on a place that was surrounded with trees. The sun shone above him and birds chirping around him. He tried to looked around the place and after looking for a while, he saw a big gate with a sign saying 'Trekanic School'. He smiled and opened the gate. I guess my mission begins here.. Again, He thought.

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