Sirah: The Invasion

No one said that changing the past is going to be that easy.

4 Lords of an unknown dimension entered Trekanic school. They were scouted by an Elite teacher called Lucas.
They are the chosen ones, the hope and faith, they need to complete their missions as Sirah's noble Lords. The 'Land of Sirah' or 'Planet Jupiter' that used to be called. Sirah was a peaceful and beautiful place, but everything changed when an incident happened inside the Mt Olympus. They made Evil the new Master of Sirah, with no exceptions. Sirah's longing for a divine illumination. It's now up to the four Lords to bring that radiant into the hopeless world.


2. Jes Hawk! I am the King!

Morning came and the sun rises as it does every morning.


Jes woke up from his loud alarm clock. He looked around his messy room, and then his watch. He doesn't like waking up early but it's time for school.

'6 am?!' Jes complained.

He went back to sleep, snoring loudly like a chainsaw. Jes lives with his grandparents since his parents passed away when he was just a little child. He was told that they found him outside their door after a loud bang. Jes isn't sociable due to his anger issues. Every time he's angry or pissed, he go crazy and wild out in the blue, punching people like they're just some dummies. People name him 'Hulk' due to his strength and angry issues. No one knows the reason why he's like that.

Jes woke up again. He looked at the window which was still covered with the curtains, blocking the sun lights. He looked at his watch and quickly stood up and change into his clothes. He rushed downstairs and took a bite on his sandwich that was on the table.

'J! Don't forget your lunch!' His grandma yelled.

'Yup.' He replied.

Jes ran to his school. He usually skips classes whenever he felt like it. He goes to his usually spot which was by the lake where all the birds and strong winds blows.

He stopped running due to his injured leg. He had it since 2 weeks ago when he tried to save a girl from a truck which almost hit her. He told no one but only one person can tell.

'Still hurts?' A girl behind him asked.

Jes looked back and saw a cute girl. The girl gave him a gentle smile. Jes blushed and glanced back in front.

'Don't be shy!' The girl giggled.

'I-I'm not.' Jes answered back. Touching his cheeks which was full pink and he was sweating.

The girl appeared beside him and asked him, 'You're Jes Hawk right?'.

Jes looked at her with surprise. How did she...

'How did I know? Well, that's easy. You're name is on your bag and I've heard about you so much in my school. You seem pretty famous. More like infamous.'

That's right... I skipped school last week because I didn't feel well, so maybe I missed some events and stuff that been happening in school lately, Jes thought.

'Well, I'm a transfer student. I lived in Paris but I moved here for a reason. But I don't think you would care. My name is Lenny. Very nice to meet you!' Lenny said politely.

'S-sure. Me too. Nice to meet you, really' Jes said.

Jes and Lenny talked for a while, not noticing Jes was already late for school. When they reached the bus stop Lenny said, 'Well, I need to go somewhere, so see you at school. Ciao! ' and then she waved.

'See you!' Jes shouted, waving back at her.

While walking to school, Jes then heard a scream coming from the street across him. He thought that just ignoring it wouldn't make him a better person. So he ran to where the scream lead him.

'Come on, babe! We just want to have fun. Maybe just a little peek?' One of the perverts said.

'No! NO! Don't touch me!' The girl screamed.

Wait! Is that..?, Jes thought. Thinking that the voice sounded very familiar. Without hesitating, he then punched one of them and said, 'Don't you dare lay on a finger on her!'

He saw Lenny being grabbed by one of them and was being touched by the other person. He got angry and went to 'Hulk' mode. On one punch, he sent the person ,who was trying to touch Lenny, flying over 1m away. Then grabbed the person ,who was grabbing Lenny's neck, by the head and pushed him to the wall. Leaving a little blood.

Lenny choked as she escaped from the person's tight arms and left a mark on her neck. 'Are you ok, Jes?'.

'I should be asking you that! I'm fine. Were you hurt? Did those idiots stole something or did something else to you?' Jes asking impatiently.

'I'm fine! Nothing...' Lenny was interrupted by a man who was running to her and shouting her name.

'Lenny! Are you ok? Did I miss something? I thought I lost you! Don't go off running like that!' The man said as he was gasping for air.

Why was she here? I thought she was suppose to go somewhere else, Jes thought.

The man and Lenny whispered about something. Making Jes wants to know what they were talking.

'Hi! Thank you for saving Lenny! My name is Lucas! Lenny is a very important person in my life and for that, I want you to join Trekanic School.' Lucas said as he introduced himself.

'Trakan-whatever school?' Jes responded.

'Tre-kan-ic school! T-R-E-K-A-N-I-C school. It's an elite school for, rich, smart or people who has special abilities or talents, attends to. It's a very special school and what you just did right at that moment you saved Lenny was the most, in fact, the unique ability I've ever seen. I mean it in a good way. I'm one of the Elite teacher who has the 2nd highest position of the school, so that means that I can scout students who has suitable talents or abilities.' Lucas explained.

'Oh...' Jes said while raising one of his eyebrow.

'You have no idea what I just said, right?'

'Ye....No. Not really. All I heard was "Blah..Blah..Blah..People! Blah..Blah..Blah..people." so yeah' Jes laughed nervously.

'In other words, and I mean the easy words to use for explaining stuff to dumb asses like you, Lucas wants you to join Trek school.' Lenny replied.

Lucas ripped a piece of paper from his notebook and wrote something.

He then gave Jes the piece of paper, 'Meet me at this place in 1 week and I'll wait for your answer.' He said.

'Y-Yeah sure.' Jes answered.

'Well. We'll be going now.' Lenny said. Jes watched them as they walk and then they turned left. Jes was going to ask something but when he ran and searched for them, they disappeared.

Wow, they walk THAT fast?, Jes thought. He looked at the piece of paper that Lucas gave him.

'Weird.' Jes said to himself.

'One down...' Lucas said.

'...And three to go' Lenny continued.

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