Sirah: The Invasion

No one said that changing the past is going to be that easy.

4 Lords of an unknown dimension entered Trekanic school. They were scouted by an Elite teacher called Lucas.
They are the chosen ones, the hope and faith, they need to complete their missions as Sirah's noble Lords. The 'Land of Sirah' or 'Planet Jupiter' that used to be called. Sirah was a peaceful and beautiful place, but everything changed when an incident happened inside the Mt Olympus. They made Evil the new Master of Sirah, with no exceptions. Sirah's longing for a divine illumination. It's now up to the four Lords to bring that radiant into the hopeless world.


3. I am the Queen!


Tap.. Tap.. Tap..

Jasmine woke up from a noise that sounded like someone is tapping. She went up to her window and opened it only to see a dove in front of her. She gave the dove some bird seeds from the kitchen. Jane sighed as she was feeding it. She watched the dove fly away. She decided to do some Martial Arts practice after that. It was only 5 am, so after she finished practicing she went for a jog before going to school.

While jogging, she saw a girl getting bullied by some streets chicks that have no life-whatsoever at all. She took off one of her earphone from her ear. She jogged to where the girl was getting bullied and as she did one of them pointed at her.

They stopped laughing, 'Oi! Mind your own business, princess.' One of the girls said, looking at her with their ugly facial expressions.

'Yeah... Ok. Whatever, gorillas.' Jasmine jeered.

'What did you say?' Their leader said, 'Tell me that again in front of my face because I didn't hear you clearly.'

'Oh? I'm pretty sure you heard me crystal clear or maybe there's something wrong with your ears? Maybe you have too many hairs in it?...' Jasmine paused and continued, '...Gorillas'

'Don't talk to us like that, you...' She stopped talking seeing that Jasmine almost kicked her face.

'Then, don't be a domineering person. I can't BEAR watching YOU doing such troublesome.' Jasmine scolded.

Jasmine calmed down for a bit and took the poor girl's hand. She told the girl to run because she would say goodbye to them in her own way. The girl did as she was told.

'W-What do you want? You only wanted the girl right? Nothing else?' They wept as they knelt down.

'Stop with your whining and start smiling. Please?' Jasmine sarcastically said.

They stood up with their confused faces and still whimpered silently but Jasmine heard it.

'I SAID STOP WITH YOUR WHINING AND START SMILING!! PLEASE?' Jasmine roared loudly. They smiled, however...

The girl that Jasmine saved earlier hid behind the pole that was just around the corner when she heard a loud thud and a scream coming from where she left off. She ran back to see what happened but when she did...

'Wha.... What.... is.... you're.... prob...lem...?' They sobbed.

'Hm... You and your faces!' Jasmine teased. 'If I ever hear, know or see you bullying someone, I'm the one who's going to end your stupid life! You got that?'. The street chicks nodded their head and ran.

Jasmine continued jogging but was interrupted. The girl she saved earlier thanked her for saving her. The girl introduced her name to Jasmine.

'Ok. Tiara! Do you know your way home?' Jasmine asked.

'Yes.' Tiara replied with a smile.

'Ok. I'll walk you home. You shouldn't be out here early this morning. Why were you with those uglies?'

'I had to give them my lunch money because I didn't pay them last week.'

'What? Money? What are they? Mobs? You should just ignore them, and if they don't stop bothering you, just tell me or someone you can trust to scold them off so that they won't even look at you anymore.'

Jasmine walked Tiara to her house and Tiara's parents worried  so much that they called the police which cause some people who passes by trouble on walking through their street.

When Jasmine said goodbye to them, somebody tapped her shoulder. She turned around and saw a guy along with Tiara.

'Oh, Tiara. What do you want?' Jasmine asked. She looked at the guy beside her.

'Hello. Nice to meet you, Jasmine.' The man said and held Jasmine's hand then kissed it, gently.

Jasmine blushed. She moved her hand back and said, 'What the... Why did you do that for?'

'Well, that's how I greet beautiful ladies like you.' The man remarked. 'You just saved my cousin and I am truly grateful for that. I saw what you did back there, and I want you to join Trekanic school. I'm one of the Elite teacher who has the 2nd highest position of the school, so that means that I can scout students who has suitable talents or abilities. Name's Lucas. Nice to meet you.'

'So are you saying that I need to join your school or have to join your school?' Jasmine confusingly asked. 'And you were watching the whole time? Why didn't you save her then?'

'Long story short. You were already there.'

'Oh. No wonder.' Jasmine smiled and she scratch her chin.

'It's you choice. Meet me at this place and I'll be waiting for your answer in 1 week.' Lucas said as he gave her a piece of paper.

'Right. Sure.' Jasmine went back to her jogging exercise. The wind blew through her. It was a fine weather. Jasmine smiled and she remembered the guy that gave her a while ago.

Hm.. Trekanic school. That school? Despite that he's an Elite teacher but why me? I know about that school. Only rich, smart or very skilled/talented people are only to join their school... But.. Why me?, Jasmine was in deep thought. She always wanted to go to that school. But what bothers her was that why did that guy wanted her to join.



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