Sirah: The Invasion

No one said that changing the past is going to be that easy.

4 Lords of an unknown dimension entered Trekanic school. They were scouted by an Elite teacher called Lucas.
They are the chosen ones, the hope and faith, they need to complete their missions as Sirah's noble Lords. The 'Land of Sirah' or 'Planet Jupiter' that used to be called. Sirah was a peaceful and beautiful place, but everything changed when an incident happened inside the Mt Olympus. They made Evil the new Master of Sirah, with no exceptions. Sirah's longing for a divine illumination. It's now up to the four Lords to bring that radiant into the hopeless world.


4. I am the Jack!

The sky was dark and clouds filled the sky as if it's going to rain. Traffic was getting busier and busier also the business people. Darkness filled the streets as hours goes by. One gang ruled the whole Jock Town. Graffiti all over the place till hell freezes over. No one was responsible for all of this. All the gang members wanted money, ladies and fame. They would prove their loyalty to their Leader by committing acts such as theft or violence. They call themselves 'God', but apparently they were just normal people who are lowlifes and has an extremely evil behavior.

    'You mess with the best, you die like the rest.' are their motto. No one had ever seen their gang leader. No one knows how they even ruled the town. The coldness filled the entire area. A soft, cold breeze made the branches sway back and forth.

A couple of members from the Gang stumbled upon a poor boy. The boy fell down, he looked up only to see that he accidentally bumped into the most dangerous people in the city. The poor boy immediately apologized to them since it made the Gang angry. For that reason, they brought the boy to the street corner. The boy trembled as they laughed at him, thinking that they might do something to him.

'Are you scared? Hm?' They asked as they kicked him. The boy groaned and spitted blood from his mouth. They continued kicking him. 'I hate seeing wimps like you bumping into us like that.' As time goes by, the boy was beaten up. The Gang had 5 members with them. 'You're such a weak and cowardly ass that lacks confidence! You're weaker than you think you are.'

The boy stopped whimpering while he stood up. The wind blew, making his dark green hair move slowly, rhythmically from side to side. He wiped his mouth with his cold sweater and laughed. 'Are you done with your yapping? You're hurting my ears.'

'What did you say?' They punched the boy and he fell down to the side. 'Hah, you're nothing but a weak cunt!' As they continued to hurt him, he done nothing but let them continue injuring him. 'Hah! Your family raised you as a coward who doesn't have a life.'

The boy stopped their attack. When they tried to punch him, he dodged them perfectly unharmed. He took one of the member's neck and pushed him to the wall. 'You talk as if you know me.! I don't know what makes you dumb but it works really well.'

'What did you say!? Huh? You little...' The members tried to attack him from the back but he was too fast for them to see. He was behind them instead. The boy attacked all of them within less than 10 seconds. He didn't kill them though because he thought of an idea that would send a message to their Leader, safely. He tied 5 of them around with a thick, large rope.

'Tell your leader this; You're not as strong as you think you are. 5 of your members provoked me but I thought they're not worth it enough to be called one of your Gang. I wasn't trying to attack them but they wasted my time. Now I'm late for my date. You're not as powerful as God. Know why? This is why...' The boy punched one of them twice and made him look like crap. 'You're so ugly that you're neck threw up. Hey! Don't you need a license to be THAT ugly? I feel very sorry for you because you are so ugly, but... I feel even sorrier for myself because I have to look at you.' He teased.

'I'm blonde. What's your excuse?' One of the members said, who was a girl with a long, blonde hair.

'My excuse? My excuse is that when I look into your blue eyes... I see straight to the back of your head.' The boy smiled as he responded. The woman spitted a blood near his shoe. 'Damn. I missed. You know who you're dealing with, right? We're so going to get you! You hear that? I'm warning your little ass, right now! Untie us! The Leader is...'

'I don't mind you talking so much, as long as you don't mind me not listening.' The boy interrupted.

'You know, you seem nervous to me.' The woman mentioned as she rolled her eyes, smiling.

'Well, Well! Look who's talking. Bitch, please! You're obviously mistaking me for someone who gives a damn.' The boy scoffed. He walked away from them, leaving them in the cold night.

'Oi, Kid! Wait!' They shouted.

'What? Now you want my autograph?' The boy said as he looked up at the buildings around them. The boy looked suspicious. Observing the area around them. It's as if someone is watching him.

'No...No... What... What is your name?'

'Oh look. I'm famous.' The boy said sarcastically.

'Yeah, you're famous for being an idiot. You have no idea what's gonna happen to you. You think... You can defeat the Leader?'

'I never mentioned anything about defeating that stupid ass Leader of yours. I couldn't care less.' The boy answered with a scoff. 'Wow! Dude, you remind of the ocean- you make me sick.'. He walked away, leaving them at a dark street on a chilly night. 'Don't thank me for insulting you... It was a pleasure.' He said as he waved goodbye. 'Oh and Grey's the name, by the way!'

    When he was walking to where his date was venue, he saw his date with another guy. He turned around angrily, walking to the park. He sat on the bench, looking at the stars that shined on the evening sky. Then, a guy walked up to him. 'Depressed?' The guy asked.

'What do you want?' Grey asked. As the wind blew, they stared at each other's eyes for a while until the wind stopped. 'I want you to join Trekanic school.' The guy spoke.

'You were that person that I saw a while ago, weren't you?' Grey mentioned.

'Yes. I saw what you did back there, and a person like you can join an Elite school.'

'No thanks.' Grey laughed

'I'm serious. You have to join that school. That school is important for you and you need it.' The guy sat beside Grey. 'If you join, I can get rid of the evil that's lurking around this town. It can save everyone, even your precious family. Don't you want to save your mother? Your sister? Your brother and your grandma?' The guy asked.

'How did you...' Grey stopped due to the distance between the guy, he was close. 'Even your DAD?' The guy asserted. Grey frowned, it changed into an evil look as if he remembered something bad.

'Meet me at this place next week. I'll be waiting for your answer.' The guy stood up and walked away. He stopped and said, 'My name is Lucas, if you were wondering.'. Grey stood up, he wanted to ask something to Lucas but his phone rang and message came up;

    Grey! Mum and Grandma's cold is back again! Come home, now!     Buy a medicine on the way home! - Amie.

Grey looked up and realized that Lucas already disappeared. He looked at the piece of paper that Lucas gave him. Get rid of the evil and save everyone, especially my family, Huh?, He thought and deciding if he should save the town or let the evil stay. He walked home and helped her sister cure his mum and grandma.

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