Summer Love

When Makayla gets sent to a sleep away summer camp, she never thought she just was going to have some fun. Sleeping in a cabin, swimming in the lake, tanning, campfires... but she never thought she would fall in love.


1. Going Away

"Ok sweetie! Do you have everything?" My mom said as she entered my room.
"Yes mom!" I groaned. This was the second time she asked my that today.
"Do you have shorts? Shoes? Shirts? Underwear? Tampons? Bras? Swimsuits? Shower stuff?"
"Ok, its time to go. We have an hour drive!" She said as she left my room.

I'm going away to an all summer sleep away camp. I have never been, but I hear it's a lot of fun!
I closed my bag and headed out of my room. I went downstairs, dragging my bags behind me. My dad got my one of my bags and we went into the car, since I had an hour drive ahead, I put my earphones in my ears and played some of Ed Sheeran and Cher Lloyd. I really wished I lived in England. It's so much better there than in Florida.

About thirty minutes into the car ride I dozed off to the song "Wake Me Up" by Ed. After thirty minutes of sleeping, my mom opened the door to the back seat where I was sitting and pushed me around. She screamed "WE'RE HEREEE!" My dad rolled his eyes.

"I can't believe my little baby is going away for the whole entire summer!"
"Mommm, I'm 16. I think I will be fine. I will write, call, fax, everything!"
My mom started to tear up, but I rolled my eyes and went to see what cabin I was in. On my way there, I saw a handsome young boy that looked about my age. He had dark brown curly hair, and he was absolutely gorgeous. No boys at my school were that hot.

"Cabin 1202." The mean reception lady said, snapping me out of my gaze.
"Thank you!" I said cheerfully, and started heading towards the direction the map said was the way to my cabin.

I walked into my cabin. I will be sharing it with 12 other girls. Great. It was big, and had bunk beds. Since I was the first one there, I get to choose first. I chose the bottom bunk on the corner of the cabin.

A couple hours later, everyone assigned to the cabin were here. I got to know everyone quickly. The first one I became friends with was named Lia. She had golden hair and dark brown eyes. She was deffinatly going to be popular.

"Let's go to the meet and greet!" I said, shaking Lia playfully. She said ok and we went to the dining hall. I was on a mission to meet that boy.


"Welcome to Camp Liankia! I am Camp Councler Michelle. You guys are now at the meet and greet. This is the time to meet your new friends! Remember, you will have to spend the whole summer with these people, so get used to them!" Michelle laughed.

I scanned the room for that boy. I finally spotted the back of his curly head by the soda fountain. I flipped my hair and walked over.

"Hey!" I said when I walked over to him.
"Hello! What's your name?" He said. Oh My God. He was british. BRITISH! I could feel the butterflies in my stomach.
"I'm Makayla, you?"
"I'm Harry. Have you ever been here before?"
"No, this is my first year. Umm, how old are you?"
"Oh, I'm 16. You?"
"I'm 16 too! That means we are in the same groups!"

We continued chatting until Michelle went back on the stage and told us it was time for signing up for activities.

"Hey, want to sign up for the same stuff? I don't know many people soo..." He said, trailing off.
"Yeah! Of course! Lets go!"

We both picked the same schedule. All water activities. SCORE!

By then it was time for dinner.

"Hey, Makayla, what's your number?"
"Ohh, um, here where is your phone, let me add myself as a contact.."
"ok, here is my phone, can I have yours?"
"Here." We traded phones and added each other numbers.

"Ok, cool, I will text you tonight after the bonfire" He said, and winked before he turned around and walked away.

Did he really wink? DID THE BRITISH BOY WINK? That was hhooottt.

I caught back up with Lia during dinner and told her about my little friend.

"He sounds so perfect, when can I meet him?"
"Tonight at the bonfire!"
Just as I said that, the dinner beel rang to tell us that dinner was over.

We all swarmed to the bonfire and took our seats. I sat down with Lia and suddenly, something slammed into my back.

"MAKAYLA!" I heard a familiar British voice say.
"HARRY!" I said. He enveloped me into a hug and he smelled so good. Like the sent in Hollister.
Harry sat next to me, and I looked over at Lia. She winked at me and nodded. Then the fire started. Michelle started to tell a scary story. And it was SCARY. I almost pissed myself. It was about Midnight by now, and I was sleepy. I rested my head in the groove of Harry's shoulder. And he put his arm around me.

"It's ok, it's just a story." He whispered in my ear, which made chills go down my spine.

I smiled slightly. A couple minutes later, Michelle told everyone to go back to their cabins. We all got up and Harry hugged my tightly. He was the perfect height. Just about a half a foot taller than me.
"I will text you, ok?" He said, still hugging me.
"Ok Harry" I smiled and then yawned.

Lia and I talked about Harry non stop on our way back to the cabin.

When I got back to the cabin, my phone was already lighting up.

From Hazzabear:
You seemed tired, go to bed. Text me when you get up, we can walk to breakfast together. Goodnight.xx

Lia started laughing because I was totally blushing. I plugged my phone on the charger and fell asleep quickly.

Hey guys! This was a sucky intro, sorry! This is when the story will become all nice and juicy and stuff. ok well comment and keep reading ok i love you all bye <3

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