Summer Love

When Makayla gets sent to a sleep away summer camp, she never thought she just was going to have some fun. Sleeping in a cabin, swimming in the lake, tanning, campfires... but she never thought she would fall in love.


2. Day Two

I texted Harry at 8 AM:

Hey Hazzabear(: I just got up, I'm gonna shower and get dressed. Meet me by my cabin at 9:05? Love ya (:

A couple of seconds later, I got a text back:

Ok love. See you then! .xx

I love how british people call people love. It's so cute.

I got into the shower. I was the only one up. So I was quiet. I quickly undressed and stepped into the shower. I bathed and got out. I decided to let my hair do its thang. I dried my face and put on a lot of mascara and some blush. I put on some clothes. High-waisted black shorts and a cute crop top.

I checked the time, and went outside my cabin. I saw Harry walking towards me and I ran up to him and hugged him.

"You seem happy today!" He said, smiling.
"I am!" I giggled. I started walking towards the dining hall.

After a couple moments of silence, Harry finally spoke up.
"Do you have a boyfriend?"
That question caught me off guard.
"Um, no. Never have!" I said.
"REALLY?" He seemed shocked. It wasn't like I was beautiful. I had dark brown curly hair with highlights, tan skin. What I admired most was my stomach. It was flat and I had somewhat of a six pack. I worked hard to get that stomach.
"Yeah, really." I said.
"I'm shocked. You are really beautiful!" Harry said.
I started blushing. Not only did I like him but he just said I was beautiful. What?
"Aw thanks babe! You're not too bad yourself!" I smiled back at him.
By that time, we were at the dining hall.

"What are you gonna get?" Harry asked.
"Some Cheerios. My favorite." I smiled and took some cheerios and some milk.
Harry got some fruit loops and we sat down at a table full of people.

"Hi Makayla!" A boy from across the table said.
"umm, hi..?"
"Harry told the whole cabin about you. I'm Mike." He said, giving me the 'sup' head shake thing.

I glared at Harry who was immensely blushing. I chatted with the people around the table and finished my cheerios. Suddenly, I heard my phone ring. It was my mom.

"Yes mom? Yes. I'm fine. No. Ok. I will. Ok mom I have to go. No mom I'm not kissing boys. No mom! BYE MOM!"

"No mom , I'n not kissing any boys!" The boys at the table said, mocking me.
"Shut up." I said, as I stood up, throwing away my trash. I heard the boys say something when I left. I went back to the table and told Harry I was gonna go get ready for the day. I hugged him and went to my cabin.

I walked back to the cabin and put on my bright green strapless bikini. Harry texted me:

Meet me at the lake, I have to ask you something.xx

Oh gawdd. I started towards the lake, where I saw Harry waiting.

"Yessss?" I said as I walked up behind him.
"Um, I know we haven't known each other for long but um, will you be my summer love?"
Summer love. I have always wanted one.
"Yes Harry, I will!" I said, hugging him tightly. We walked to our first activity which was free swim hand in hand.

I took off my shirt and shorts and jumped into the lake water.
Harry took of his shirt and followed behind me.
A couple of girls from my cabin and a couple of guys from Harry's cabin came to hang out with us. We all hung around for a little while. Harry stayed by my side the whole time.
"I say we play a game of tag!" Harry cooed, as everyone cheered.

"NOT IT!" I said running away, while others followed.
A kid named Derin was it, and we was catching up to me. But, I wasn't looking and I fell off of the dock. Black swarmed around me and I tried to get air. I reached for the dock. I breached out of the water, not realizing I was under the dock. My head hit it and I completely blacked out. When I woke up again, I was on a couch with Harry by my side rubbing my head.


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