Summer Love

When Makayla gets sent to a sleep away summer camp, she never thought she just was going to have some fun. Sleeping in a cabin, swimming in the lake, tanning, campfires... but she never thought she would fall in love.


3. Day Three

I kept my eyes closed for a second, and I had a massive headache. I squinted my eyes and finally got them open.

"You're awake!" Harry said, giving me a kiss on the forehead.
"Where am I?" I asked Harry, looking around the unfamiliar place.
"We are in the game room." Harry said. There were a couple of other people there, but they weren't really paying much attention.
"Are you okay?" Harry said, sounding concerned.
"Yeah, just a huge headache." I said.
I sat up. Harry gave me a hug and we both stood up and went to eat lunch. I wasn't hungry, but I needed to sit down. Harry got his lunch and we both went down to sit with some of our friends.

"So what happened?" I asked, unsure of how I even got inside.
"Well, you slammed your head into the bottom of the dock and you blacked out. I dived in and got you. Then Derin got the life guard to come over." Harry Said, like it was a completely normal subject.
"Thank you Harry!" I said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Lia came over and asked me if I was okay. Of course, I said yes.

"So how's the boyfrienddd?" Lia asked me.
"He's great!" I said, blushing a little bit.

We all finished lunch, and started off back to our cabins. I was getting undressed so I could get into the shower. Tonight was movie night, and the whole camp was watching paranormal activity. I was going to be scared as shit, but whatever.

I got out of the shower and blow dried my hair. I plugged in my straightener and while I waited for it to heat up, I put on some makeup.

Mascara, check.
Light pink eyeshadow, check.
Eyeliner, check.
Blush, check.
Lipstick, check.

I straightened my hair and finally came out of the bathroom. I always use the shower last, so I'm not in a big rush.

I walked out and put on a floral pencil skirt with a white crop top with lace backing. I slipped on my tan wedges and my phone lit up.

Hey, meet me by the dock, I have something for you.xx

I told my cabin I would be back soon and head towards the dock. I approached Harry and I saw that he had a guitar in his hands. I sat down next to him.

"What's all this?" I said, he looked at me and winked, and started strumming his guitar.

He proceeded to sing the lyrics to "Give Me Love" by Ed Sheeran. I smiled and blushed like crazy the whole time, and at the end, he slowly leaned in towards me. I leaned in towards him and when our lips crashed together, sparks went FLYING.

We slowly moved away from each other.

"Thanks Harry." I said, softly.
"No Problem, love." Harry said back.
"You have a REALLY good singing voice, you know."
"I have heard that before." Harry said, smirking.

We both got up. I told him I had to go back to my cabin. We kissed once more and went our own ways.

"LIIIAAAA!!!" I sang as I walked through the door.
"Yes Darling?" She said, stepping out from the back of the cabin.
"WE KISSED!" I squealed. She gave me a tight hug.
"I'm sO PROUD OF YOU!" She screamed.

We talked about it for centuries until it was finally time to go to the room we were watching the movie in. It was a huge auditorium and there was a screen in the front. I saw Harry sitting in the back of the room, where there were only about three other people.

"Hey babe" I said as I walked towards him.
"Hey" he said back. I went to go grab a piece of pizza. I came back and Harry looked exhausted.

"Ok campers! The movie is about to start! I just want to let you know that in case you missed it on the flyer, that this is a lock in. I hope you enjoy your stay in here! Now enjoy the movie"

"This is a lock in?!" I whispered to Harry.
"Yeah, didn't you know?"
"No, I didn't!" I said.
I took a bite of my pizza and cuddled up next to Harry. As soon as the movie started I knew I was going to be scared.

I guess Harry figured. When the movie started me hugged my tightly against his body.
"Thanks." I whispered.
He nodded. The movie went on and everything started to become predictable.
After about a half hour, I sat up.
"What's wrong?" Harry asked
"Im so bored." I said in reply.
"Well..." He said. And all of a sudden his lips were pressed against mine. I was shocked at first but I of course kissed him back.
"Well, that wasn't boring..." I said when we were done.
"Just let me know if you get bored again." Harry winked. Thirty minutes later, the movie ended, and the lights turned on.

"Ok, the lock down is beginning now. Bye!"


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