Under the city lights

when highschool opposites are partnered together in 11th grade bio they thought they couldnt get any different. Julia Dean is the shy, friendly, smart student that stays clear from trouble but can she help when she falls for her bad boy partner Gabriel Chavarria. Gabriel is a gangbanger for the Latin Kings. When he gets closer to Julia he realizes maybe he doesnt have it so bad. maybe there not so different.


2. The alley boy & My Burrow


Monday comes around and I managed to get through the rest of the weekend without the memories of the alley boys and my mother drunken outrage. The good thing is I got my car back ………. In one piece.

I get out of the shower the shower and dress in my school uniform that requires a white polo, black jeans, and shoes of your choices. I dress in one of my many school polo’s, black skinny jeans, and boots. I let my hair fall into waves in front of my chest. I keep my makeup light and I’m out the motel room.

The hours at school fly by so fast it all seemed to go in a haze. Lunch comes around and I sit at a round table. Black and white crowds the room, everyone looks the same. “ hey Julia” a bright cheery voice greets me. I look up and see Allison and the twins. Allison’s been my best friend since I started here at Atlantic City High. I give her a warm smile and wave at the twins, Deana and Destony. Everyone calls the double Ds, but to me they just sound like a bra size. “ Hey girlies” I look next to me and am greeted by Amanda’s smile. Amanda is the cheer squad caption and cant forget the schools beauty. “ Destony your nails are pretty” I compliment her, but didn’t want to hear how she picked the perfect colors. To Destony it’s the best thing ever. “ Yo pretty Chicas, wanna get some of this” a cocky voice with a latino accent says. All our heads turn and its Carlos Vidrio, oh no he’s staring right at us. Amanda rolls her emerald eyes. “ Hey Carlos why don’t you get a green card before you hit on any of us”. The whole lunch room got quite. My mouth hit’s the floor but I am quick to pick it up. I cant believe Amanda just said that. “ shut the fuck up puta” Carlos spits back. If Carlos was a cartoon character you would be able to see the steam coming out of his ears and nose. A kid lays a hand on Carlos chest and he says something in Spanish. I can tell neither of them are happy by the way they stare each other down until Carlos stalks off. I steal a look and our eyes meet , the alley boy. The words come out before I can stop them “ wow he’s hot” I cover my mouth but the girls already heard. Deana and Allison almost spit out there food while Destony stares at me in horror. “ Julia do you know who that is” she asks me. I shake my head and say “ no” I shift in my seat I feel completely uneasy. “ That’s Gabriel Chavarria, you know Latino King gang banger” Deana chimes in. Deana goes on about his story about how he was arrested a lot, did drugs, rob people. I stopped listening to her and looked his way, his back is to me. I see a yellow bandana hanging from his back pocket. The Latino King gang color. “ I’ll say myself he is hot but he’s dirt poor. Girls like us don’t mess around with poor people like him” Amanda says flatly popping her gum. Allison shoots me a sad look and I look down. Allison is the only one that knows about my home life and seen where I live. When students are dying to get home. I’m dying to stay a little longer, school is my burrow. Amanda’s statement stung like if someone poured salt on an open wound. The bell rings and I’m the first to leave.

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