Under the city lights

when highschool opposites are partnered together in 11th grade bio they thought they couldnt get any different. Julia Dean is the shy, friendly, smart student that stays clear from trouble but can she help when she falls for her bad boy partner Gabriel Chavarria. Gabriel is a gangbanger for the Latin Kings. When he gets closer to Julia he realizes maybe he doesnt have it so bad. maybe there not so different.


4. Lab Partners?


Mrs. Harry is picking people out of the random. I look to Allison and give her one of those “ I hope we get partnered up” looks. But before Allison can give me the same look, she gets partnered with the girl that as flames as hair and never makes eye contact. I stand there alone and I can suddenly smell the twisting smells of vodka and fresh flowers intertwined together. The smell was like acid to me.

“ Julia Dean” Mrs. Harry calls out my name. then realize I am not home I am in biology. Mrs. Harry calls out my lad partners name “ Gabriel cha- I’m not gonna even try saying your last name. You guys can take table four.” I walk stiffly to the lab table, I steal a look. I notice Gabriel has this stance that screams “ I am the man”. Girls heads turn his way as he passes through them, not with disgust , with congenial eyes. He slides in his seat and looks up at me, I look away. I wonder if he remembers me from the alley …… I hope not. I sit down and notice a fresh healing scar above his eyebrow. “ you got a staring problem or some shit” his harsh words make me look away. “ sorry” I mumble quickly but I’m not sure if he heard me. I turn to the board and try to listen to Mrs. Harry. It’s easy to believe he did all those bad things. But then I think back in the alley. Why did he make those guys stop? Why did he say he knew me? He doesn’t know me , nobody does. Mrs. Harry appears in front of our table and hands out work sheets on vocabulary. I work on mines in silence as I notice a Eva Chavez leaning over on her table across from us. I can tell she’s trying to get his attention , and its working. His olive face breaks out into to a smile his pouty lips disappearing into a nice shape. The bell rings and I jump in my skin a bit. It doesn’t go unnoticed to my partner because he gives me a weird look then laughs.


My moms not coming home tonight or tomorrow night. I wonder around the small motel room I call home. I sit off to the corner of the room and observe for the first time. I notice the small ripping of the floral wallpaper to the top right of the wall near the door, revealing cowboy wallpaper. Why put wallpaper over wallpaper? I look to the small bed , one room bed room. There’s only two of us and sometimes three. This place is full of the uglie’s and the bad. . I wince at the thought. I cant call this place home, , this is not where I belong. I look out the window, the only beautiful thing is this view. This view is breath taking, its free. The room’s air started to get stiff, I feel life I am a fish with out water. I need to get out. Im car is taken again so I might as well go for a walk.


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