Under the city lights

when highschool opposites are partnered together in 11th grade bio they thought they couldnt get any different. Julia Dean is the shy, friendly, smart student that stays clear from trouble but can she help when she falls for her bad boy partner Gabriel Chavarria. Gabriel is a gangbanger for the Latin Kings. When he gets closer to Julia he realizes maybe he doesnt have it so bad. maybe there not so different.


3. Eva or Vanilla cherry waves


Eva Chavez is a Latina that can get anybody’s blood pumping. She stands at 5’7, beautiful chocolate curls, pouty lips, and a fire in her eyes you cant find in anyone else. “ hey Gabriel” she purrs like a cat. My blood is pumping but not for Eva. I catch a glimpse of vanilla cherry waves. One run in with this girl and it seems like she just keeps appearing back in my life. She is short and gifted with nice assets. She has this shy aura about her that eats at me in a why that leaves me hungry. Red painted nails snap in my face. My eyes meet with a pair of black exotic pools. Eva cocks her hip and rolls her eyes. “ Gabriel do you hear me” she snaps “ yeah of course” I reply. Truth is I don’t know what she was talking about at all. “ I have to get to class “ I add. She kisses me hard and fast but it ends quick “ call me” just like that she walks off swaying her hips. Eva and I aren’t an item if you think so. We just like to fool around that’s all. I walk a dangerous line with Eva and I used to love that. Now I do not know how I feel. Eva’s older brother Julio is our gang leader. I got granted this life at fourteen years old. Mi mama never liked it and she still doesn’t. at least I’m brining in the money, it may be dirty money but its paper. I look around the halls as I head to class. I realize most of theses kids carry fifty’s like its nothing. I realized most of them probably never been involved in violence. Violence in the gangsta life, my life, is a normal everyday thing like a stop light or supermarket. We were brought up to carry a knife or gun like a women would carry her purse. I open the door to Mrs. Harry room. I take my seat in the front. Mrs. Harry tells me its to keep an eye on me but I’m sure she wants me there for some other reason. Sometimes she even stares at me, but thing is I don’t do gringa’s. Mrs. H stands up and clears her throat, I look to the board. Great Just fucking great were getting new lab partners.

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