Secrets in Love

Joanna Montgomery, or Jo, has moved to a new town. Her and her family decided to move to get away from the things that have happened. Now that Jo has moved, she meets a boy. He's perfect. He's everything she's want. When she starts to have feelings for him, she starts to get worried. She can't fall in love. Not with what's going to happen to her.


6. We're In

     Harry and I have been dating for two weeks now. Best two weeks ever.

     I'm going over to Harry's for lunch. I feel really bad not telling Harry cause I mean He's gonna find out eventually.

     I arrive at his house and he's standing outside waiting for me.

     "Hey babe." He hugs me and then kisses me.

     "Hey babe."

     We head inside and take a seat on the love seat.

     "So I have some news for you. Before you moved here, we were in the talent show. We sang that What Makes You Beautiful song. Well, someone must have put a video on Youtube of us because a record company called Liam saying he's flying down here to hear us personally and if he likes us we're in." He smiles.

     We both jump up excited and I give him a big hug.

     "Oh my God!" I'm so proud of you. When is he gonna be here?"

     "Tomorrow Night."

     I give him another big hug and then kiss him. He kisses me back placing his hands on my hips. We slowly seperate, smiling. He takes my hand and takes me to his room. He closes the door and takes my hands. He kisses me then places his hands on my hips again. He slowly tries to take off my shirt, but I stop him.

     "Harry, I'm...a virgin. I'm not ready."

     "If you're not ready, then I can wait. Just tell me when." He smiles then chuckles. "We can even have a code like...the cat is eating tacos."

     "Why that?"

     "Because I love cats...and tacos."

     I laugh. "Um okay then."

     The next night, I was waiting for Harry to text back. I couldn't sleep. I was so excited. I look at the clock. It's almost ten. I decide to go get a glass of water, when my phone went off. I run and jump on my bed and grab my phone. It was Harry.

We're in.

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