Secrets in Love

Joanna Montgomery, or Jo, has moved to a new town. Her and her family decided to move to get away from the things that have happened. Now that Jo has moved, she meets a boy. He's perfect. He's everything she's want. When she starts to have feelings for him, she starts to get worried. She can't fall in love. Not with what's going to happen to her.


2. Lunch

     When the bell rang, Harry walked with me to my first class. His first class is next to mine.

     "So, you're in a band?" I look at him and back at the ground.

     "Yep. It's called One Direction." He tells me, "You may come after school if you want."

     I smile. " I'd love to, but will it cause a problem?"

     "No. They like you. If they didn't then they would have asked you to leave this morning." We stop in front of a classroom. "This is yours. Mine's the one right there. I won't see you till lunch so where we sat this morning is where we sit at lunch as well." He smiles.

     I chuckle. "Okay. I guess, I'll see you at lunch."

     "Bye." He smiles then blushes.

     I walk into the room and head to the teacher. He tells me to sit next to a girl with black hair down to her shoulders.

     After fourth period, I headed to lunch, I have fourth period with Niall so we walked to lunch together. When we were close enought for the group to see us, Harry jumped up, ran toward me, and gave me a hug. I smiled, but I was a little freaked. We just met this morning.

     "So how's you day?" he smiled, blushing.

     I smiled back. "Good. You?"

     "Since this morning."

     He sits me down between him and Niall.

     "Hey, so you guys mind if Jo comes to practice after school?" Harry asked.

     They all shake their heads.

     "Good." He looks at me.

     Few minutes later, my throat felt a little dry.

     "Hey Harry, where can I get a Coke?" I ask him getting my money out of my pocket.

     "I got it." He jumps up, grabs my money and leaves before I could say no.

     The four boys all laughed.

     "What?" I chuckled.

     "Someone's in love." Zayn said.

     "No he's not."

     "Really?" Niall asks. I nod. "Look what happens when I put my arm around you."

     I look up to see Harry. He looked alittle upset. And jealous. Niall takes his arm off my shoulders. "See." I smile. He sits down, this time between me and Niall. Harry hands me my Coke and stares at me.

     "So you like Niall?" He says with saddness.

     I shake my head. "No, I don't."

     His eyes widen. "Really?"

     He smiles and turns toward the others.

     Was what Niall said true? We just met. I guess it's true when people say "love at first sight."

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