Secrets in Love

Joanna Montgomery, or Jo, has moved to a new town. Her and her family decided to move to get away from the things that have happened. Now that Jo has moved, she meets a boy. He's perfect. He's everything she's want. When she starts to have feelings for him, she starts to get worried. She can't fall in love. Not with what's going to happen to her.


3. Can't Love

     After the final bell rand, I headed to the car. Harry told me they cancelled practice, but they're having it tomorrow.

     "Jo." I heard a familer voice yell. I turn around to see Harry running at me. "You want me to get those for you?" He grabs my books out of my hands and we start walking to my car.

     "So, I was wondering if maybe you want to go to the movies tonight?" he asked. We arrived at my car. He placed the books in the backseat.

     "I would, but I need to get settled in my house."

     "I can help."

     I smile. I open the back door and tore a piece of paper out of my notebook. I wrote my number down and handed it to him. I open the door, smile at him again, got in the car and drove off.

     After supper, I worked on my room some more, I checked my phone. I had a new message.

 Hey Jo, It's Harry.

     I text him back.


     I set my phone down on my bed. Since I've been home, I moved my bed under the window, my nightstand on the right side of the bed, my dresser against the right side wall, and put all my clothes in the closet that have to go in there. I hear my phone go off. It's from Harry.

     Are you going to my practice tomorrow.

     I text him back yes and laid my phone back on the bed. I look at the alarm clock I just put on the nightstand. It was almost six o'clock. I wanted to quit working on my room for tonight, so I texted Harry the rest of the night. Harry already made me feel warm inside. He's so sweet. He shouldn't though. I don't need to fall in love. I can't. If I date someone, I'll hurt them. Not cause I cheat or anything because I don't do that. It's because of my secret.






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