Secrets in Love

Joanna Montgomery, or Jo, has moved to a new town. Her and her family decided to move to get away from the things that have happened. Now that Jo has moved, she meets a boy. He's perfect. He's everything she's want. When she starts to have feelings for him, she starts to get worried. She can't fall in love. Not with what's going to happen to her.


4. Band Practice

     On my way to school all I could think about was Harry. I can't get him out of my mind.

     I get out of my car and head to where the boys were yesturday. Only Niall was there, so I sat down beside him.

     "Hey Jo."

     "Hey Niall. Where is everyone?"

     "Liam, Louis, and Zayn ride together so they arrive whenever and Harry should be here," Right then Harry shows up, "no." Niall continues. He looks up and sees me. He smiles.

     "Hey Jo." He smiles some more.

     "Hey Harry."

     He sits down between me and Niall.

     "Hey Harry." Niall said trying to get his attention.

     "Oh hey Niall." Harry says.

     The other boys finally show up, but it was five minutes before the bell.

     "Sorry we're late, someone had to work on their hair." Liam said looking at Zayn.

     "You're just jealous cause you don't have hair as good as mine."

     After school, I walk to Harry's car to go to their band pracitce. He was leaning on his car, when he turned and saw me.

     "Jo." He yells with excitement. He runs at me and hugs me. I smiled. I didn't know what to do so I hugged him back. He grabs my books out of my hands and puts them in the back seat. He opens the passenger side door for and then closes when I get in. He gets in the driver side and takes off.

     "So, who's house do ya'll practice at?" I ask him.


     Most of the ride was quiet, but i would catch a glimpse of him looking at me.

     We arrive at Louis's. Harry comes around the car and opens the door.

     "Harry and Jo are here." Liam yells inside from the door.

     We walk inside and down some stairs to the basement.

     "So this is where you guys practice?" I ask.


     "So who's the singer?"

     "We all are." He says smiling at me.

     "Then who does the drums and stuff?"

     "We do. We record ourselves on the instruments, then we play the recording while we sing."

    "Oh." I look away from him. I don't want to make to much eye contact with him. I don't want to risk falling for him

    "Hey Harry, we need to see that song you wrote." Louis said. He was leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets. Harry hands him hte song.

    "How long did this take you to write?" Louis asked.

     "I started on it during first hour. Why?" Harry wondered.

    "Cause it's amazing that's why. What made you write," Louis looked at me then back at Harry and smiled. "Nevermind. Come on boys. Let's practice    They first played a song they called "What Makes Your Beautiful." It was amazing. They are amazing singers. They also played two more songs called "One Thing" and "Gotta Be You." Then, they played Harry's song. I was excited. I wanted to hear what he had written. He said the song was called "More Than This." So far it was the best out of all of the songs, until I realized...the song was about me. He said he wrote it first hour. Right after he met me. And the whole time he song his part of the song he would look at me. I could see him through the corner of my eye when he did. I looked up, when we met eye contact. It was long enough to make me realize...Harry Styles was in love with me. And the sad this is...I'm in love with him too. 

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