Secrets in Love

Joanna Montgomery, or Jo, has moved to a new town. Her and her family decided to move to get away from the things that have happened. Now that Jo has moved, she meets a boy. He's perfect. He's everything she's want. When she starts to have feelings for him, she starts to get worried. She can't fall in love. Not with what's going to happen to her.


5. Are We?

     On the way home, Harry and I would make short glimpses at each other. I wanted to kiss him. He's just so tempting.

     "So what did you think?" he asked.

     "You guys were great." I say. I didn't say anythink about his song he wrote.

     "What'd you think of the song I wrote?"


     "It was good. It was my favorite out of all of them."

     He smiles. We pull up into the driveway. He gets out of the car and walks to the door with me.

     "I actually wrote it for someone." He told. We both looked at the ground until we reached the door.

     "Well, it was good and that girl would be real lucky to have someone like you." We stared at each other. I breathed heavy. That's it. I was gonna kiss him, but before I could, he already planted his lips on mine. When he left mine, I slowly open my eyes in shock. He stares at me with a sorry face.

     "I know we just met," He says. He looks down then back up at me. "but I love you."

     I stare at him. I had one thought in my mind...and it was that I loved him too. I know I shouldn't, but I do. So I placed my hand on his shoulder and I kissed him. I kissed him longer than he did. I realized he was kissing back. I was happy. Then sad.

     I can't tell him my secret, but he'll end up finding out and then he'll be mad. So I won't tell him. Right now.

     I stop kissing him. I look at him and then I reach for his hand. " I love you too." I slowly drift my hand out of his and walk inside. I look outside to see him gettin in his car with a big smile. I smiled at that.

     I throw my stuff on the bed and go take a shower.

     When I come back, I check my phone to see a new message from Harry.'m not good at I'm...just gonna ask...are we...together?

     I can't date him, but I do love him. I don't want to kiss him, tell him I love him and then tell him I can't. So I text him just something. The only thing I could think of.



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