The one and only

Alaina has never had an easy life, she gets beaten by her step dad her mother died when she was young and gets made fun of at school. After days of tormenting when she is ready to let it all go will one Irish blonde boy change it all?


6. The Mall

"Where do you guys want to go first?" I ask the boys and Natalie but her and Harry where to into staring into each other eyes they didn't hear me. "I don't know about you but I'm hungry" Niall said while raising his hand. "I'll go with you if you want to go to the food court" I offered not going to pass up the chance on spending some alone time with Niall plus getting some food so it was like a two for one. "I think that Lou and I are going to get some jeans, Zayn would you like to come with us?" Liam said as he Zayn and Lou walked out into the mall. "Guys we are going o get food" I said to Natalie and Harry but they where to interested in each other to hear. "So what do you like to eat?" Niall asked me as we walked into the busy shopping mall. "Just everything really I just like food you know?" I said. He let out a little chuckle and then said "same here but I've never seen a girl that would just openly say that I like that." I could feel my cheeks get hot as I turned my head the other way so he wouldn't see that I was blushing. "What would you like to get first?" I asked him. "I think I'm feeling some pasta" he said as we headed into the direction of the pasta place. "Hello what would you like to eat today?" The girl behind the counter said with a wink to Niall. "Um hello I'll have a plate of spaghetti with meat balls and a coke to go with it please" Nialls thick Irish accent said as the girl twirled her hair on her finger and batted her eye lashes, it disgusted me. "Okay babe" she said with a wink and turned around to go tell the cooks what Nialls got. I looked at his eyes to see where they where, as I studied them they lookedlike little prefect blue orbs. He was looking right at me. Not at the girls butt, but at me we locked eyes and there seem to be something in his eyes but I could see what he was trying to say. The girl coughed snapping me back to realty I turned away really quickly and so did he as he scratched the back of his neck as he grabbed the plate from the girl. "What do you want" she snapped. "I would like the pasta With cheese sauce please" I said while ignoring the snide comment. "Whatever" she said as he turned back to tell the cooks what I got. After a few minutes of waiting I got my food and Niall and I went to go sit down at a table. "So.." He said trying to break the silence. "These noodles are good" I say while taking a big bite of noodles. "Yea but you know they would look better if you where wearing them" he said as he picked up some noodles off of his plate. "Don't you dare" I said as I picked up some noodles to. "I hope that you like noodle straps" he said as be threw some noodles at me. I threw some back. "Hey that's not nice" he said while pulling some noodles off of his face and eating them. He looked devilishly at me then picked up his tray and dumped the whole plate of noodles all over my head. I gasped as I faked looking hurt and then put the noodles on my plate all over his head. We started laughing our heads off when the security gaurds ran in with someone yelling hey those are the kids that got spegetti on me! We both looked T each other and started to run. We laughed our heads off when we ran into Liam Zayn and Lou. "What did you guys do?" Lou asked as he put his hand on his hip. "Spegetti.. Guards.. Gotta.. Go.." Niall said between breaths. "Guys I think we should go" Zayn said as scerity guards stared running our way. "Guys run!" I yelled as we ran out of the mall. "What about Harry and Natalie" Liam asked as we ran into the parking lot. "Where right here" Harry said as they ran up from behind us. "Oh thank good ness" Liam said as we all got in the car. "Can we go home?" Zayn asked as we pulled out of the parking lot. I laid my head on Nialls shoulder ad slowly drifted off to sleep think about the day and taking in small wiffs of Nialls sweet smelling hair.
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