The one and only

Alaina has never had an easy life, she gets beaten by her step dad her mother died when she was young and gets made fun of at school. After days of tormenting when she is ready to let it all go will one Irish blonde boy change it all?


5. Meeting the boys

Alaina's Pov
We drove up to the boys flat it was really nice. The front was covered all in windows and the front yard was covered in flowers and in the back there was a big pool! "Alaina are you coming?" Natalie yelled as she walked in with Harry. "Yeah I'm coming" I say as I jog up to the door. I walk in to all of the boys laying sprawled out on the couch. "Boys get your lazy butts off these couches and come meet some people!" Harry said trying to sound stern. "Hurtful" Louis replied pretending to be hurt. "Okay so who are these lovely ladies?" Liam said changing the subject. "We'll this is Alaina, and this is Natalie" Harry said giving a dreamy look at Natalie, so cute. "We don't do hand shakes" Lou said as he came up to me and gave me a hug. After I got done giving all the boys hugs we went back to the couches to figure out what we want to do. "How about the mall?" Niall says. "Yeah!" We all reply. I love the mall! It's my get away place from Andrew. "I call sitting next to Alaina!" Lou screams as he runs to the car like a little kid. I giggled as he ran off.
Niall's Pov
She was perfect! Omg! I need to have her! Louis is steeling her from me wtf man like really! "No Louis I'm sitting next to her!" I yell after him while running to the car. "Boys boys ill sit in the middle of you two" she said while perfectly flipping her hair. "YAY!" We both yell and get into the Orange van. Liam in the front (driving of corse) then zayn in the passenger side next row is Harry and Natalie and the in the last row there's me Alaina(��) and Louis. "So Alaina are you going to he staying with us?" I ask her hoping she will say yes Ecuador I really want to spend more time with her. "Um I'm not sure I haven't really thought about it," she says adding a perfect smile at the end. "Stay stay stay stay stay stay stay stay!!!!" Louis chanted. "Yea stay!" Harry said while Turning around. "I really can't ask that much from you guys" she says. " "really it's nothing big" I say I just really want her to stay. "Okay guys were here!" Liam said as we pulled up into the parking lot.
A/n I know that Eleanor and Louis are dating but in this story their not. I hope you guys like it so far! Comment and give me feed back!
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