The one and only

Alaina has never had an easy life, she gets beaten by her step dad her mother died when she was young and gets made fun of at school. After days of tormenting when she is ready to let it all go will one Irish blonde boy change it all?


4. Love at first sight

Harry's Pov
As we walked into the little coffe shop I saw her. She was perfect the way her perfect hair laid on her shoulders and her smile that lights up the room. "Harry this is my best friend Natalie, Natalie this is Harry" Alaina says snapping me back to reality. "Hi" I say while sticking my hand out for her to shake it. "Hey" she replies and shakes my hand. "What would you like to drink this ones on the house" she says with a perfect smile. "I'll have a vanillia frapee please" I say. "Okay one frapee and the usual for you?" She asks Alaina. "Yup" Alaina replies. With in a second she coems back with our drinks and we head to a table. "So what do you think about Natalie?" Alaina asks me. "She's perfect" I whisper. "Here she comes, here she comes" Alaina says while shaking her hands. I flips my hair as she walks over and sits down next to Alaina. "So after I get off my shift do you want to hang out?" She asks Alaina. "Sorry I can't I'm hanging with Harry but I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you came to." She says to Natalie. So after we where done we all headed to my range rover and went back to the house, to take the girls to meet the boys
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