The one and only

Alaina has never had an easy life, she gets beaten by her step dad her mother died when she was young and gets made fun of at school. After days of tormenting when she is ready to let it all go will one Irish blonde boy change it all?


2. I can't take it

Alaina's Pov
"Andrew! Please stop! It hurts!" I screamed as he hit me with the bat. "Did I tell you, you could scream!" He yelled back at me as he struck me once more. I doubled over in pain. I couldn't take it any one I need to get out of here. "What do you think you're doing?" He screamed at my face as he pulled my hair making me stand up. I was sobbing, he let my hair go giving me a chance to escape. I sprinted to the door unlatching the lock and making a run for it. The cold rain drops hit my face as my toms hit the pavement with every painful step. I kept running not looking back. "I'll get you just you wait!" Andrew yelled as I took off running in to the distance. He kept getting smaller and smaller with each step, finally he was out of sight I look a seat on a park bench.
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