The one and only

Alaina has never had an easy life, she gets beaten by her step dad her mother died when she was young and gets made fun of at school. After days of tormenting when she is ready to let it all go will one Irish blonde boy change it all?


3. A change for the better

Alaina's Pov
"Uh hello are you okay?" I heard as I felt a light tap on my shoulder. "Oh yes, yeah um I'm fine" I say feeling flustered tying to figure out where I was. I looked around and coming to my and de I saw that I was in the park and the pain in me stomach was still there. I looked up and saw a curly haired boy, wait is this Harry, no it can't be just a look alike. "Would you like to get some coffee with me?" He asked. I got off the bench and stood up I probably look like a mess. "Um sure I'm Alaina by the way" I said while sticking out my hand. "I'm Harry" he said with a perfect smile. Oh my gosh it really was him! "Wanna walk there it's just down the road?" He asks. "Yes that would be lovely" I say as I start walking in the direction he pointed to. "I've never seen you around here where are you from?" I ask. "Well I come from the UK but me and my band One Direction moved here for a little while for a holiday. "What high school are you toning to be going to?" I ask hoping they are going to go to North Ridge. "Paul says that Niall, Liam and I will have to go to North Ridge." "That's where I go!" I say. "That's so cool! You'll have to show us around" he says was we walks up to the small coffee shop. "Natalie! I didn't know you had a shift this morning!" I say as I walk in and give my best friend Natalie a hug. "Yeah, how are things" she said giving me the look she's the only one I've told about Andrew. "Not good but I met a friend" I say pointing to Harry.
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