Right From Under Our Feet

Sage Kelli had always dreamed of being the best dancer in the world, or just to be as great as should could be. Sage heads to New York City from Doncaster, England to be a dancer with her best friend Dani. While she there everything is not as she wanted it to be. Will they lose everything? Or will they make their dreams come true?


4. The Boys

        Sage's POV

               There they were Liam's 4 guy friends known as Harry, Louis, Niall, and Zayn. They saw me crying and my eyes wear still a bit red and puffy from previous crying. I bet I looked really bad. "What's wrong, love?" I shook my head. I didn't really want to pour my life story out to them and get sympathy I don't need. I mean I have a really nice family and we are pretty rich. I mean my Mom is an award winning author and my Dad owns an original buisness that is really famous. They gave me a look like I know there is something wrong. I sighed. "I just found out my boyfriend is cheating on me with a girl at my school back in Michigan." They all looked at each other, then Dani looked at me. "Adam is cheating on you?" I nodded my head. "With who?" I swallowed hard. "Megan Rhodes." She gasped. All the boys looked at each other and then at Dani. "Who's Megan Rhodes and why is she like worth a gasp?" Louis asked. "She bullied Sage and she is the meanest but prettiest girl in the school." Dani said looking at me then at Louis. I looked down at the floor. Dani knew it hurt to think about. She practically was a stand by in the whole bullying thing but, if I wouldn't have gotten bullied Dani and I wouldn't be friends. She stood up for me and we've been friends ever since.

              Louis looked at me like he felt sorry but, there was no reason, I got bullied for a reason. To bring me and Dani together. Everyone else started talking again but Louis was just sitting there watching me.

           Dani broke the chatter and I guess staring contest between me and Louis. "Hey guys! I forgot to tell you Miss Donahue posted a flyer about like duet dancing I guess is what you could call it. It has the girl on pointe shoes and the guy being her partner. I figured you're all single and you could meet some girls. Oh and Sage, you can meet a new Adam maybe." "Dani, I love the idea but I don't think I can move on that fast and Miss Donahue hates me! She says I'm awful at pointe and I wouldn't want to get my partner in trouble." I said to Dani. To be honest, I just didn't want to be with a guy so quickly. "Sage come on Miss Donahue doesn't hate you, and you're like the best girl on pointe. If anything Miss Donahue is just jealous of you because you're so good on pointe." She said sternly. "Mhmm sure..." 

       By the time we finished discussing that situation the car pulled up to the boys' house.  Man, was it big. I felt like I was at a huge hotel but only 5 guys lived there. It was mind blowing. We all pushed through the door. Dani was not one bit surprised about the size being that she has been here so many times.

       Dani and all the boys walked in and I stood in the door way with my jaw to the ground. "You coming Sage?" Liam asked laughing and wrapping his arm around Dani's waist. "Yea!" I said snapping my mouth closed. I ran up behind them and Harry grabbed my waist to. I didn't mind I mean he's a friend. I thought of him nothing more and nothing less. I just laughed at him. "You're a cheeky one Styles."   

       Louis's POV

      I really want to help Sage with her Adam problem but I don't know how without making it awkward. I just think she needsd more support than just Dani. I don't know how to get close to her without going to far to fast. I needed to talk to Dani about her and see what she likes to make it more like home for her. But, I'm not giving it away that I like her unlike Harry, who flat out showed it and she didn't care or feel awkward. Man, sometimes I wish I was just as good with girls as he is. I have never fell for a girl this fast. Don't push Lou.


    Liam's POV

        I kind of liked the idea of the guys finding girlfriends but I knew no matter what Dani would drag me into it. She is always saying we need to do things for our relationship, the thing is I don't wanna dance ballet. But, I'll do anything for Dani. I'm not loosing her over dancing.


    Harry's POV

        We all walked to the lounge. My arm was still around Sage's waist. Man, was she beautiful. Her crystal blue eyes and long chocolate brown hair. She has a very girly style it looks like from her style. The only thing that worried me was Louis kept sneaking glances at her. I don't know why but I felt suddenly protected over her even though she's not mine and we are just friends to her. I just felt like I needed to be the guy in her life and be the one who makes her feel safe.


     Sage's POV

        No one knew what they wanted to do. "Why don't we watch a movie, like Toy Story maybe it's such a cute movie, but you guys probably don't have that." "ARE YOU KIDDING?? OF COURSE WE HAVE TOY STORY!!" Liam shouted a bit loud. "Actually Liam you have Toy Story it's your movie. You bought it with you money." Louis stated.
        We ended up watching Toy Story and falling asleep in the lounge. Niall on the floor, Zayn sleeping on the one couch, me,and Louis on another and Dani and Liam went to their bedrooms. Harry went somewhere to but I don't know where.

     I woke up next to Louis. I got up and left to find Harry. I found him in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Mmmm it smelled so good. He didn't hear me come in the kitchen so I walked beside him and I bumped his hip. "Hey!! I'm cooking do you serious--...... Oh Sage geez you scared me!" "Yes and you almost yelled at me." I said giving him puppy dog eyes. "I'm sorry I thought you were one of the boys."  I still didn't look at him. I was still looking down pouting my lip. "Love I'm sorry." I wasn't budging. He hugged me around my waist and started making me sway. I started to giggle because he was grabbing my sides. "Oh you're tickilish?" Harry said with a smirk. Before I could tell him no he grabbed my sides and started tickling me so hard I couldn't breathe. "Harry! Harr--- Harry! Stop I can't breathe." "Say I love Harry he is so handsome!" "NO!" "Wrong answer!!" He tickled me so hard I feel to the floor laughing. "Say it! Say it!" I was still laughing. "I love Harry he is so handsome!" He suddenly let go of my sides. "Now was that so hard?" He asked while starting to cook more.


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