Right From Under Our Feet

Sage Kelli had always dreamed of being the best dancer in the world, or just to be as great as should could be. Sage heads to New York City from Doncaster, England to be a dancer with her best friend Dani. While she there everything is not as she wanted it to be. Will they lose everything? Or will they make their dreams come true?


9. She's Got A Broken..... Spirit

No One's POV

Dani you may come back now, the nurse said to Dani. Dani slowly walked back to the room following the nurse. The nurse slowly cautiously opened the door. "She is still sleeping but will wake up soon." With that the nurse left the room. Dani walked over to the side of Sage's bed. Dani was on the verge of tears seeing Sage hooked up to a bunch of machines.

Sage's POV

Where am I? Why can't I see anything. All I see is white. Am I dead? Am I dreaming? I wonder if I can open my eyes.

Dani's POV

I saw her eyelids flutter open. I never thought I would be so happy to see her crystal blue eyes. Her eyes sparkled in a way that I had never seen before. They looked like blue crystal ponds with lilly pads float in the center. It was hard to believe that I almost lost my best friend. Not only my best friend but my dance partner, my roomate, my sister.  She meant the world to me I never want to leave her alone again but I know I have to. I thought maybe the guys should come and see her they had gotten so close to her in just a matter of a day and a half. I walked out into the hall and saw Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Louis all in chairs, but when I looked for Harry I couldn't find me. I sent Liam a look asking him where Harry was, he must have known what my look was because he pointed down a hall bit and I walked towards where Liam was pointing and saw Harry sitting with his knees to his chest and his head on his knees. I bent down next to him and he lifted his head. "Harry love, she is ok do you wanna come see her?" He nodded. I grabbed his hand and helped him stand up. I led him to Sage's room. I opened the door and left him alone with her.

Harry's POV

Dani led me to Sage's room. I had to admit it but I was a wreck. I walked slowly to her bed. I don't know if I can do this. I got to the bed and collapsed next to her bed. I felt her hand lift my chin just like when we were in the kitchen at Liam's flat. It all flashed before my eyes. Seeing her walk with Dani to our car, hearing about her bullying problem, making breakfast with her, tickling her, her eating the bacon, the first time she lifted my chin when I felt guilty. I looked back into her eyes. She looked so beautiful even hooked up to all of these machines. I had never felt this way about anyone. I felt a hot burning tear fall down my cheek. Sage then wiped it away with her thumb. Even after the tear was gone she still kept rubbing my cheek. "Harry you're the one for me, never forget that." She closed her eyes slowly. Her hand dropped from my cheek. I stood up quickly and ran out the door to find help. "HELP, HELP ME SHE IS DIEING!!!!...... Help Help. I fell to the ground. Hopeless.

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