Right From Under Our Feet

Sage Kelli had always dreamed of being the best dancer in the world, or just to be as great as should could be. Sage heads to New York City from Doncaster, England to be a dancer with her best friend Dani. While she there everything is not as she wanted it to be. Will they lose everything? Or will they make their dreams come true?



Ok so I finally just put my name it's Lyss. I hope you like this chapter sorry I haven't been on in a while I have really tried. I think this chapter was a decent length. I am going to try to update tomorrow. What do you think is going to happen to Sage? Will her career as a dancer be over or will she heal in time? Comment what you think. I might be starting another movella. But I will right a lot of chapters before it's published. XOXO Your no longer secret writer Lyss! :)

(If you have any ideas for the characters in my next movella and what it will be about comment her name, appearance, and of course it will be about one direction, and anything else you think I might need to know about this girl and her story. :) 

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