Right From Under Our Feet

Sage Kelli had always dreamed of being the best dancer in the world, or just to be as great as should could be. Sage heads to New York City from Doncaster, England to be a dancer with her best friend Dani. While she there everything is not as she wanted it to be. Will they lose everything? Or will they make their dreams come true?


10. Is She Alive?

Harry's POV

A nurse ran up to me. "What's wrong, sir?" I gasped for air after crying. "I was in there with Sage.... she was talking to me and and and then....." "And then what?" "Her eyes closed and then she dropped her hand from my cheek." The nurse got up quickly and ran for a doctor after I finished. There was no doctor nearby. She grabbed the phone on the desk and turned on the intercom. "I need a doctor stat. Floor 6 Room 11 we have a girl who is passed out." I guess you could say she was passed out but she was not passed out she was dieing. Why couldn't she just say she was dieing.


**5 mins later**


I walked up to the nurse. "Where is she? How is she? Can I see her?" She looked at me with sad hopeless eyes, she knew Sage was important to me. " I'm sorry sir, she is in surgery." "So she is going to live?" "Well we aren't sure."

**3 Hours Later**

A doctor walked out. "Harry Styles?" I looked up from my hands. "That's me.." I said raising my hand. He made a motioning hand to come towards him. I got up and walked towards him. "Did she make it?" He didn't say anything just for me to follow him. He led me into a different room and opened the door.............

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