Right From Under Our Feet

Sage Kelli had always dreamed of being the best dancer in the world, or just to be as great as should could be. Sage heads to New York City from Doncaster, England to be a dancer with her best friend Dani. While she there everything is not as she wanted it to be. Will they lose everything? Or will they make their dreams come true?


2. I Hate Voicemails...

              Sage's POV


                I walked out behind Dani and Liam. I was wondering where all his friends were, considering that Dani said they were coming. Not that I cared I mean it just seemed so what's the word? Set In Stone that they were coming. So I guess it's actually 3 words.

           While Dani and Liam were walking down the street talking about their relationship, I was thinking about how I came to New York City to dance leaving my boyfriend behind. Man, I missed him but I figured he was dating Megan Rhodes by now. I looked down to my phone and scrolled through the contacts there it was BB, it was meant to stand for baby which is what I call him. I clicked on his name and hit send. All I heard was ringing. Voicemail. "Hey you've reached Adam, I'm probably with my girlfriend Megan so leave a message! Bye!" I hung up the phone. I felt more tears fill up in my eyes. Dani and Liam hopped in and I stepped in right after them. 

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