Rummy always lived in her sister, Rose's shadow. All she feels is worthless to the point she runs away. But when she meets Fox, the well known crook, she dosn't know what she is getting into. Can she make it out with her newfound freinds ALIVE? Or will Fox have the last laugh and Rummy will stay in his cluches forever?
(I wrote this book in middleschool/my freshman year to where this was my first completed book)


25. Chapter twenty-five: the fox stands at dawn:

“He’s right behind us, Moonshine hurry.” Rummy yelled looking behind her.

“Sorry but my little injury is slowing me down!” Moonshine sassed as she tried to hurry.

They just passed the traffic sign that read “bridge is out in blank feet” when Moonshine tripped on it. “Moonshine!” Rummy yelped as Rose helped her get up.

“Got you now.” Fox said holding his gun at Moonshine.

“Fox, you’ve lost.” Rose yelled trying to buy some time.

“Fox she’s right, just give up before you do the unthinkable.” Moonshine added.

 “Be quiet, those are lies!” Fox said pulling out his favorite gun and trying to ignore the truth, his empire of kids was falling at his feet.

 “It’s true, you know it Fox.”  Rose said.

 “I said be QUIET.” Fox yelled as he pulled the trigger of his gun and got Rose in the shoulder. She screamed as she started to kneel to the ground.

 “And now for the last traitor, the Snake or Rummy.” Fox said as he approached Rummy. Rummy was ready for whatever was coming she closed her eyes and heard the trigger load and heard a clicking noise fallowed by the fierce anger in Fox’s voice as he screamed through the air.

As Rummy opened her eyes she saw Fox coming towards her and she stepped backward and found her self on the edge of the bridge she stepped back a little farther and felt her ankle slip and saw a couple of rocks fall into the cold river bellow that had pieces of unfinished pillars laying bellow.

“I have you now and the empire of the Swamp Fox will rise again.” Fox said as the calming sound of sirens hit Rummy’s ears.

“No, NO, this can’t be happening. You, You did THIS.” He yelled as he pushed Rummy off of the edge of the bridge. She fell over the edge she felt herself fall she kept her eyes closed as she fell. She knew this was the end and this is what it fells like to die, the weightless fall of foreverness. The air was dicing threw her like wind threw a cheese grader. Suddenly she felt a hand grabbed hers. After she banged against a post from the bridge, she saw Rose trying to keep her grip, her shirt sleeve was blood stained in a deep Christmas bell read her face was filled in fear and strain but kindness and thankfulness was in her eyes.

“Need a hand?” she joked.

“Yes, and please don’t clap.” Rummy said as she felt her sister’s cold blood reaching her hand.

After Rose pulled her up there was a car coming their way, a police car and an ambulance. A sigh of relief came over Rummy and tears came to her eyes. “What’s wrong Rum?” Rose asked as Rummy turned to see the break of dawn.

  “Oh nothing, nothing. Just that after all these years the Swamp Fox is finally captured, captured or killed at dawn.” Rummy said as Moonshine, Rose and Rummy looked at the morning of peace.

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