Rummy always lived in her sister, Rose's shadow. All she feels is worthless to the point she runs away. But when she meets Fox, the well known crook, she dosn't know what she is getting into. Can she make it out with her newfound freinds ALIVE? Or will Fox have the last laugh and Rummy will stay in his cluches forever?
(I wrote this book in middleschool/my freshman year to where this was my first completed book)


12. Chapter twelve: stories:

“How did you know what to do?” Rummy asked after a long while of silence and was under the covers of bed in an old room that looked nice considering the rest of the building.

“My parents were both doctors, so I learned a few things from them.  Plus they were so busy. Since I am an only child I started to feel lonely so I …um ran away. And I ended up here. I regret all the things that I done here. Also I am Fox’s forced girlfriend, which is awful. To make matters worse he also calls me his little shining of the moon.” Moonshine said

“Sounds harsh” Rummy said. Then Rummy remembered her own story. “I ran away because I was jealous of my sister. I thought if I ran away she would become famous and I wouldn’t hold her down. Moonshine, what will happen if I chose to keep my own name and why are you telling me this?”

“Well I don’t know, no one has ever done that before and you look like you can be trusted and I needed to tell someone.” Moonshine said.

“Oh,” Rummy said then she thought of a happy idea to her second question. Maybe, I can be the first one!”

“Maybe.” Moonshine said on a happy note then she warned. “I don’t know. It might be too dangerous.”

“True, so true.” Rummy sighed.

“Anyway, see you in the morning.” Moonshine yawned then went to sleep.

A lot of questions were bustling in Rummy’s head. “Should I leave? What about Moonshine? She would be all alone in this place and she sounds like she really wants to get out of here. But what if Moonshine is lying? Plus am I ready for this? Am I ready to risk my life and everyone else’s life for this? I just plain don’t know.”

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