Rummy always lived in her sister, Rose's shadow. All she feels is worthless to the point she runs away. But when she meets Fox, the well known crook, she dosn't know what she is getting into. Can she make it out with her newfound freinds ALIVE? Or will Fox have the last laugh and Rummy will stay in his cluches forever?
(I wrote this book in middleschool/my freshman year to where this was my first completed book)


13. Chapter thirteen: The announcement to stay:

Rummy awoke to little kids playing. She looked over were Moonshine was sleeping and she wasn’t there. “She must have gone to check on Giz.” Rummy thought as she left the room then suddenly Fox came around the corner still looking as stressed as last time she seen him. “Fox, what a surprise!” Rummy said jumping back.

“Just whom I needed to see, the Snake living up to your chosen name, or did you come up with something different”. Fox said.

“I will keep the name Snake. I’ll try announce it by myself, if I can.” Rummy said even though she didn’t like the name, she wanted to make it more hurtful to Fox for when she decides to leave.

“Ok then, usually the people want me to announce it for them.” Fox said.

Rummy immediately rushed away from Fox without another word. Fox just looked at her sternly and walked away.  

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