Rummy always lived in her sister, Rose's shadow. All she feels is worthless to the point she runs away. But when she meets Fox, the well known crook, she dosn't know what she is getting into. Can she make it out with her newfound freinds ALIVE? Or will Fox have the last laugh and Rummy will stay in his cluches forever?
(I wrote this book in middleschool/my freshman year to where this was my first completed book)


16. Chapter sixteen: the night of the picked runner, snake:

Gizmo snuck into the girls’ room that night after Rose and Rummy’s argument “Get up, get up.” Gizmo ordered.

“OK, ok, five more minutes, mom.” Rummy grumbled, half asleep.

“Mom?” Gizmo whispered under his breath. “OK sleepy head you’ve been picked to go on the Runs. Now get up!”

“What!” Rummy said this time she was wide-awake.

“That’s right Snake, You’ve been picked to go, now change into anything warm and slender, quickly, and it’s cold out there.” Gizmo chimed.

“Wait, who told you that my name was officially Snake?” Rummy questioned.

“Fox told everyone earlier this morning.” Giz answered.

Rummy figured that Fox was behind that one. Rummy just doffed her head in understanding and tried to reach over to Moonshine and then to wake Rose, whom at dinnertime refused to change her name. Fox wasn’t at all mad. Which, everyone was surprised at that.

Gizmo grabbed Rummy’s hand in panic. “Don’t wake up anyone else; they’re not going on this one.” Giz yelled slash whispered as Rummy pulled her hand back and went with Gizmo outside.

“So the Snake has come to go on the run?” Fox said.

“Trust me, this one wasn’t easy to get up.” Gizmo chuckled.

The small group of five to ten kids got to a small shop with a neon sign that was turned off said General's Store and Grocery. Rummy gasped in amazement. “Fox, we aren’t going to steal are we?”

“That, my little one, is the only way to survive.” Fox chimed. Rummy cringed when she was called little one.

“I’m NOT going to do it, it’s wrong to steal. You should know that!” Rummy yelled.

“You are going to do it or...” Fox kindly said pulling out what was called his favorite nine millimeter gun. Rummy stared at the gun that was pointed at her chest.

“Fine” Rummy breathed, “I’ll do it.”

“Good, good” Fox laughed evilly. Rummy got up into the vent with a little help from Giz. Then Giz handed her a gadget.

“What in the world am I supposed to do with this?” Rummy question tossing the gadget around in her hands.

“This is a conversation, deactivation and made to help scale up to ninety degree buildings and also, in your case, vents.”  Gizmo said.  Rummy blinked randomly, confused and stared back to Gizmo.

“Huh? Um, English please” Rummy questioned 

“Ok, how about this put the piece that is sticking out into your ear and I’ll do the rest.” Giz explained.

Rummy did what she was told and climbed deeper into the vent.  A little into the misty climb Gizmo’s voice clouded into the speaker on the gadget. “Snake, Snake, can you read me?” He said a little fuzzy.

       “Yes, I read you Gizmo.” Rummy whispered as she crawled deeper into the vents.  She felt a sick feeling as she rambled though the vents that she came here in the first place. Looking at each of the vent windows seeing some store clerks that had yet to go home and some of them had kids with them. She felt sorry for them. She stared at them for a long while.

“Snake, Snake, you at the control room yet?” Giz radioed in.

“Umm, not yet, there is a two way area up ahead and I don’t know which way to go.” Rummy answered remembering her mission.

“Take the right one. Oh, there is a steep climb and then take a left and keep going straight until I come back on.” Gizmo said in the earpiece. Rummy turned and crawled in the vent still thinking of the workers and the small kids that were running around in the small office. Finally she came to the climb Gizmo was talking about earlier.

“OK Giz, I’m at the climb. How do I activate the gadget?” Rummy asked as she started to turn the gadget over and over again like earlier. 

“The lever by the fishing reel, push that upwards quickly. But first make sure that you aim.” Gizmo instructed 

Rummy did what she was told. It seemed like the gadget was made for her, it was that easy.   

“Giz, good job on designing the um, climber for me.” Rummy complimented. Gizmo smiled at the other end.

“It’s about time someone recognized my talent.” Giz joked. Rummy chuckled a little and looked in all of the exit windows of the vents. As she was looking for the control room Gizmo came on the earpiece again. “Hey, um Snake.” Gizmos said nervously like he forgot something very important. “Is the green light on by the top, by the hand loop? Giz asked

“Yes, why?” Rummy asked.

“That’s the tracking device and when I looked at the full map, you didn’t show. I guess I forgot to make the signal strong for that.” Giz explained. Rummy just rolled her eyes and kept going. She finally came to what looked like a security room.

“Giz, I’m in. Is there a way of getting the rest of the group in.”? Rummy said.

“Ok, just push the belt clip towards the top and slide the computer chip in the usb slot and let me deal with the firewalls and security stuff.” Gizmo radioed in the headset.  Rummy slipped the computer chip in the slot. Then, Rummy heard a door opening. “Gizmo what do I do?  Someone’s coming.” She gasped

“Just press the button by the chip and make sure, if there is a hatch, close it.” Gizmo said calmly Rummy took the rest of the gadget and hid underneath the desk. The door opened as a little girl was saying as stood by her dad, “Daddy, I know I’ve heard something” 

“I’m not saying that you weren’t sweetie, I’m just checking.” The dad said as he went to the computer.         

“Ok, it’s off.  We might as well head on home.”  The dad scooped the child into his arms and closed the door behind him. Rummy swooped out from underneath the desk and went into the vent and hurried out of the building.

“Snake, good job on that new gadget that Gizmo made.” Fox said as he helped Rummy down from the entrance of the vent.  How much longer Giz?” Fox questioned.

       “In a minute, the firewalls are being stubborn again and till then it is going to be a long night folks.” Gizmo said as he worked on the laptop. After a while of waiting Gizmo got into the security system “got it, everyone start the countdown.” Gizmo cheered as he typed the final codes into the database.  

       “And the system will crash now!” Gizmo said pressing the enter button on the keyboard. All of the cameras on the small screen went black. “They’re done, for now.” Giz said sitting back exhausted from figuring the codes. After a minute or so he got back on the computer trying to set the timer till the alarm system back on and to have the cameras erase the time lapse of the blackout to the correct time. “Ok gang, we have, oh, about one hour to get the goods and leave without a trace starting now.” Gizmo said. The small group quickly went in Rummy never felt so much grief her entire life. She just wanted to leave, go home and start over but Rummy knew that she couldn’t do that.

       “Gizmo, what should I do? I don’t want to go into the building anymore.” Rummy wined.

“Well you can help monitor the time for me while I look for lasers.” Gizmo suggested. “Besides your job is done for now.” Rummy looked at the small laptop and then to the door that was around the corner. She could tell that one was Navy but she couldn’t tell about the other kid.

“Gizmo.” She said as he finished a command. “Who’s that on the other side of Navy?” Rummy asked as she pointed to the kid.

“That’s Dog, and he is not a good kid to be around. And that’s because he killed his own parents. Also he is Fox’s right hand man.” Gizmo explained.

“What about Hook, I thought he was his best friend.” she questioned,
       “Fox doesn’t have any friends, he has only allies. So Hook and Dog are just allies not friends.” Gizmo explained as he turned to Rummy. Then Rummy spotted something on the computer, the time was running out!

“Uh, Giz, the time.” Rummy urged and Gizmo looked at the countdown panel on the screen.

“Thanks Snake. “ Gizmo said “Guys get out of there, one minute!” he called and kids started to pile out. “Snake let’s get out of here!” He called as he started to run. Rummy ran in though the front and managed to not find the gadget.” I thought they might have grabbed it.” She thought as she stormed out and grabbed the laptop. She kept on going till she caught up with the group of kids.

“I thought that you might forget this,” she said as she handed Gizmo the laptop.  He looked at Rummy sternly and threw it over the edge of the small, white, unfinished, bridge and it sank to the bottom of the river.

“Why did you do that?” Rummy yelled.

“Because, if we kept it the government can track it besides I already got the codes downloaded onto a cd on my main computer that they will never crack open.” Gizmo said.  Rummy looked over her shoulder and said after she noticed that the group was going to the hideout.  “Shouldn’t we get going?” Gizmo turned around and started to go to the small hideout. Then Rummy fallowed him with the wanting to tell Rose the bad things that were happening to her.

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