Rummy always lived in her sister, Rose's shadow. All she feels is worthless to the point she runs away. But when she meets Fox, the well known crook, she dosn't know what she is getting into. Can she make it out with her newfound freinds ALIVE? Or will Fox have the last laugh and Rummy will stay in his cluches forever?
(I wrote this book in middleschool/my freshman year to where this was my first completed book)


9. Chapter 9: the runs:

After the kids settled down and got back to their meal Gizmo and Fox asked Nava, Point, News, and Navy for a private conversation.

       “Moonshine, what are you doing?” Rummy asked as Moonshine got up from the table.

“I’m seeing what the discussion is about, what does look like I’m doing?” Moonshine said and scurried off.

“Then I’m coming too”. Rummy said and went after Moonshine.

“So are we going on the runs tonight or not?” Fox said as Rummy and Moonshine snuck behind a corner and looked in the hole in the wall by an old mantle and chair in the room.

       “We, we don’t know yet Fox.” Giz said. Fox slammed Gizmo to the wall and held his throat digging his nails into his neck, streaks of blood started to run down Fox’s hands and drops started to fall on the floor. Giz started choking by the strength of Fox’s grip.

       “Fox, stop that. Giz has an explanation!” Nava yelled.

       “Ya, Fox give him a break! The last run the media gobbled it up and is ready to get the story again. Besides, they have yet to let go of the last one.” News tried to back-up Nava. 

       “Plus, we have yet to have a target! You know that most all the shops have some kind of security system, or something to protect their business or building or cargo or what ever.” Point said.

Fox looked at all of them then threw Giz at a old dusty chair,  the chair and Gizmo bounced off the wall and Rummy and Moonshine looked at each other and ran back to the table before Fox came and found out they were spying on him.

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