Rummy always lived in her sister, Rose's shadow. All she feels is worthless to the point she runs away. But when she meets Fox, the well known crook, she dosn't know what she is getting into. Can she make it out with her newfound freinds ALIVE? Or will Fox have the last laugh and Rummy will stay in his cluches forever?
(I wrote this book in middleschool/my freshman year to where this was my first completed book)


5. Chapter 5: the city

Rummy was relieved when she found herself on a bus route to the city. “No more walking for a while, a long while.” She thought as she walked up the steps of the bus. “How much is it?” Rummy asked.

“Two-fifty.” the bus driver mumbled than looked at Rummy as if she did something wrong and went back to driving. After she rode on it for a while the bus jerked to a stop. Rummy fell forward clutching the seat. Rummy jumped off the bus after thanking the driver. She walked around and saw the scenery.

The city was like most cities, dirty because of the smokestacks that smelled like gasoline and factories. The shops were open and busy Rummy only had a few dollars, she really didn’t prepare. Then Rummy thought that someone or something was following her she turned around and no one was there. Then she saw someone peer around the corner, the person was focusing on her and motioned her to come over. So she did.

“Do you need a place to stay?” The young kid asked.

“Yes, do you know a place to stay that is free?” Rummy asked.

“Three hundred sixty five days a year and open twenty-four seven.” The boy chimed proudly.

“Where?”  Rummy exclaimed and the boy took her to a rusty old ally that had an old broken down building that had seen better days and rapped on the door and murmured something, but Rummy couldn’t tell what it was. Then the kid showed Rummy inside.


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