Stop To Listen

You stop to listen
To the cuts and games
You stop to hear
The thunder and chains
You want to read on
To whispers of truth
Then come to my shelter
Under this roof
~This is basically, a bunch of poems, please read~


5. Don't Wander Through The Night

*Okay, I know I have another poem about the night, but in this one it's representing something else...sort of*


Don't wander

Through the night

The broken heart beats

The monsters fright


The stars sparkle cheats

Into your heart

Crawls inside 

And tears it apart


Don't wander 

Through the night

It's prisoners lurk

And wait to fight


Maybe you'll turn

Maybe you'll run

But maybe you'll ignore

Your hearts shun


Don't wander

Through the night

You could be that monster

Or you could be the right

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