Becky Mirrile - Blackout

Becky is a spoilt,rich and arrogant girl,the story starts the day before christmas and leads upto when she joins MI35 - the newest secret service agency - for kids.But seeing as she was a spoilt and dumb girl she ends up in one huge mess, the whole world claiming that she is a murder suspect!!!And its not just any murder crime - its her best friend (also spy) who died right next to the dark, in a blackout.


1. The night before Christmas



T'was the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse - well,except at number 35 Woodland Lane.Becky Mirrile lay awake,staring,blury eyed at the computer screen.

Sienna Waters; 12 years old, half Chinese and the other half Irish, she attended Trition Manor Academy in Scotland and seemed quite rich. There was nothing abnormal about her, she was a spoilt rich kid that attended a school for spoilt rich girls. The only thing that could minutely destroy her average reputaition would be her cleverness. Even the high qualified, boring teachers of Trition Manor were suprised at such knowledge, and it takes a lot to surprise a teacher at Trition. Most of the girls had received a privet educaition before going to the high standard secondary school so undoubtedly all the children were smart - except a few.

Becky Mirrile was the lowest academically achieving child in the school and at the end of every term when the results from their tests came out she'd be on the verge of getting expelled - for dumbness. A few months before an authorized goverment test had been performed on each student to check for dyslexia, only three students passed with dyslexia out of the 4000 in the whole school. Becky was dyslexic.




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