Son of the flame

This story is about a girl who meets a strange boy that she is very attracted to, be he seems to be hiding a very large secret


1. Chapters 1-3



A tall young man walked down the street. It was just turning twilight, and he was walking with his heads down, constantly glancing over his shoulder. The street he was walking alone was lined with houses, dark, damp buildings that people bought just to rent out to the poor. The pavement was wet, it had obviously been raining all day. The wind was blowing his long, dark brown hair over his hazel eyes that glistened, even in the fading light of the sun. A muscle in his jaw twitched. You could see his strong arms through the t-shirt he was wearing, along with a black hoodie that was at least two sizes too big for him. He had dark jeans on, slung low over his hips. A voice, shouting Nico, came from one of the houses on his left. Quickly, he crossed the road before knocking on the door loudly. Nobody answered, but this seemed to satisfy him. He grinned to himself, and then turned before turning and walking away as if nothing had ever happened.  

Chapter 1 

Laura groaned. It wasn’t fair, her dad was out doing god knows what, and her mum, well she was out doing everything she could to snag herself a job, to keep their family together. That left Laura to do the housework, plus all her homework. She was trying to juggle dinners, lunches, cleaning, seeing friends and studying, and quite frankly it wasn’t working. By the time she had finished all the housework, she was too tired to do anything but stare at the blank page which would later be turned into an essay on the first world war. Her schoolwork had dropped dramatically, but she knew that there was no way she could keep even these grades up without some sort of change in her life. It wasn’t that she couldn’t achieve the grades other people were getting, it was that she didn’t have the time to put the effort in.  

Laura hopped into her mum’s dark red truck, run down from years of different owners and different terrains. She bought it off her mum at the age of fourteen, thinking it would encourage her dad to spend more time with her, building it up until it ran smoothly. Of course, this never happened. So her mum bought it back from her, and agreed to drive her to school every morning, if she paid for the extra petrol needed. Luckily, the truck chose this day to not break down, and so she got to school on time and crossed the parking lot into the reception area to pick up her timetable. As she scanned her eyes over it, she saw she had been dropped down a set in both maths and science. This was not good. She packed the new timetable and other forms she had been given into her bag, and began to walk out the door. She was still looking down, as she was doing up her bag, making sure that nothing was going to fall out. As she was walking out, she walked straight into another student, coming into the building. She looked up into his eyes to apologize, but immediately stuttered. She was looking into the face of an angel; he was the most beautiful boy she had ever met. He smiled, apologized, and then walked off to the desk. She almost ran out of the door, in her embarrassment. 


First period, she had History. It was time to hand her unfinished essay in. She was running through a million excuses in her head, but which one would she use this time? She was just coming to the conclusion, when she got the feeling someone was watching her. She turned around, but it was just the normal classroom. The geeks huddled together, the Jocks and cheerleaders laughing and joking, the “unpopular” people talking, and then she saw him, looking right into her dark blue eyes. Mr. Jackson, the history teacher, walked up to him, and began talking about previous grades, ect. He looked away from her, but as if it was a great inconvenience to him. 

Mr. Jackson stood at the front of the class, with the new boy at his side. Laura tried not to look too closely, just focus on what the teacher was saying. She looked at him again. He was glancing round the room, completely oblivious to the 14 girls in the room drooling over him. Mr. Jackson said her name. She jerked her head up. 

“Sorry sir?” She asked, aware of all the eyes in the room staring at her. 

“I said, would you have a problem with Nico sitting next to you?” He said, with a touch of annoyance in his voice. 

“Nico?” Then she realised. The boy’s name was Nico, and she had the chance to sit next to him. She jumped at the chance. 

“Yes sir, I mean no sir, I don’t have a problem with it” She stuttered, blushing. 

“Then it’s settled. Nico, go and take a seat next to Laura there, yes that’s it.” He said, obviously quite pleased with himself. Nico walked over, unsure of what to do or say. He quickly masked this up with a cheeky grin thrown at her. She smiled back. She knew she was going to like these history lessons. 

Chapter 2 

Nico was slowly jogging down the road from school. He had left his bag there, no need for anything in it. It was a hot day, and so his shirt and tie were off, stuffed in his pocket. His muscles were showing, he clearly worked out at least 3 times a week. As he got closer to home, he quickened his speed. He was bored of slow, what he really needed was to show off how fast he could go, sprinting until he was struggling to breath. What he didn’t need was a trip to hospital, which would cause all sorts of trouble.  

When he got home, his mum was standing in the kitchen, looking sorry for him. He could guess what he was in for. Without being told to, he put on his shirt and tie, and tried to make himself look presentable. That wasn’t easy, after running four miles. He took a deep breath, his lungs still aching, and walked into the living room. His father was slouched on the chair. He was angry.  Nico knew what he had done wrong, but he just couldn’t help himself. She was so kind, so beautiful, so perfect, and yet they all wanted him to destroy her. He wouldn’t do it. No, he couldn’t. After running things through in his head, he turned to his dad. After a long conversation, in which nobody but those two would even know it was going on, his dad stood up. Walked over to him, and slapped him across the face. Nico jumped up and pushed him back into the wall. The man just smiled and laughed.  

“Maybe one day you will be good enough to take me on Nico, but that day is not today. Go off and go to bed, since you seem to have become immature and selfish after your time here. You said you could do this, but you are not strong enough. If you behave like a child, you will be treated like a child. Go to bed Nico, and we will discuss this at a later date. Good luck with whatever schemes you are up to, because I can assure you, until you grow up and take one for the team, I am no longer looking out for you. Next time you try and run that fast that far, I will not provide you with the energy to do it. So good luck, and goodbye.” With that, the ground opened and swallowed him up. Nico sighed. His dad always did that, saying it showed off the fact that, well, that he could.  

Nico didn’t understand his attraction to this girl. She was just human, right? Nothing special, and she wasn’t even popular. Her brown hair framed her face perfectly, and her long fringe hid one eye from the world. Her deep, dark blue eyes mesmerised him, as if to tempt him to stare at them all day. Her lips, light pink, not too small, but not too big. Just perfect. Her figure, tall, but not too tall, and skinny, as if she could make anything look good. The way she walked about the place, as if she was afraid the world was going to come out and bite her head off. He felt it when he sat next to her for the first time. The adrenaline pulsing through his body, and it was visible on her too. The stuttering, sweating, and nervousness was driving him crazy.  

He decided he was going to persuade the teacher into giving them an assignment to work on in pairs. He would turn to her and ask to be with her, smiling and being kind. He would find out more about her, make her more relaxed around him, maybe even meet up more often, outside of the assignment. He knew it wouldn’t be easy with his dad watching, and if he picked up on what he was doing, he was screwed. However, they do say you only live once. He thought to himself grinning.  

Nico’s mum brought through two cups of tea. She was shaking as she set them down on the table, before sitting next to him. She fidgeted, before spilling the milk she was putting in her tea. Nico frowned. He took over the tea, and then sat down next to her again. He then put his arms round her, and rocked slowly back and forth. After a while, she had calmed down. Nico asked her what she was so worried about. 

“It’s your father.” She replied, sniffling. “He’s threatening to take you away to live with him, unless I stop you being friends with that girl, Laura. I know you have made the right decision here, but I can’t lose you. Oh Nico, what do I do?” 

“Mum, calm down. He won’t take me away, he hates me. He wanted a daughter, but he has a son. He blames me, well the human part anyway. He won’t touch me. He relies on you to feed me, train me, and keep me out of trouble, so he has somebody strong to take over from him when he moves on. You know that, so why worry?” Nico replied, cursing his dad. 

“You always make me feel better Nico, I can always rely on you.” His mum answered, calming herself down.  

Nico stood up, and went up to his bedroom. He finished off his science homework, and then had a shower. He then found a towel in a pile on his bedroom floor, and wrapped it round his waist so he could go downstairs without telling his mum to close his eyes. He only did that in emergencies, and he was always scared she really would turn around one day. Halfway down the stairs, he heard a woman’s voice. It was not his mums. He walked down the rest of the stairs, and stood before his mum talking to the stranger. He interrupted as politely as he could, and asked his mum where he could find his baby photos for his history project. She grumbled a reply, shooing him back upstairs. He shrugged it off, and climbed into bed, waiting for the next day when he could spend more time with Laura. Sleep came easily. 

Chapter 3 

Laura rose out of bed, feeling dead. She had stayed up all night trying to find out more about Nico. She searched everywhere, but all she could find was name meanings. Apparently, the meaning of Nico is “victorious people”. That was all she could find. As she was getting dressed for school, her phone beeped. It was an unknown number. It read: 


Confused, Laura read the text again. How did he get her number? On second thoughts, maybe she didn’t want to know. She would talk to him in history, get to know him more. She was definitely attracted though. 

Laura jogged up the steps of the school building. The truck refused to start again, hence why she ran to school. She was now 10 minutes late for history. 10 minutes less to talk to Nico. Not a good start. As she burst into the classroom, she realised that she did not have history until fourth period, and so she had burst in on a year eight class on the industrial revolution. Being year eight, they began to snigger as Mr. Jackson had a talk with her outside the classroom. She knew this meant he was not happy, and she didn’t want to get shouted at. All she wanted was to get to class and see Nico again.  


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