The Schools New Kid

Niall's story about how he met new friends and his struggles through school and moving. Where does he move? He moves to London to live with his Aunt. Now I am going to put that thing that we all hate...READ MORE TO FIND OUT!!


2. So Are We Related?



Hello Invisa-Readers.  Yes you guys are invisible.  I say it because over 100 people have read it and not one commented!  You guys come on!  I have seen what you guys can do to some books.  Well here is chapter 2...I know its not very long but, yeeaaahhhh.... well read on invisa-readers!!


“Of course she wasn't going to tell me she was going to leave me!” I said to myself as I grabbed my luggage. “What did you say honey?”  An old lady asked me. “I was asking myself why my mum decided to just leave me with plane tickets and not say good bye in person.” I said to her.  She looked at me with a sympathetic look and muttered a ‘sorry’ and an ‘it will be ok’. I walk out to see my new house mates. I see my Aunt, her son, and her four daughters.  How am I related to them?  I am a pale Irishman who has terrible teeth.  They have soft golden tans and perfect body structures.  Still wondering how we are related here… Can someone please explain!  As if I was speaking out load my Aunt spoke.  “Hi Niall…  I’m Jay. This is…Lottie, Felicity or Fizzy and the twins Phoebe and Daisy and lastly, Louis, my only son.”  I looked at them confused.  “Am I really related to you guys?” I asked.

“Thank God I Wasn’t The Only One Thinking That!” Louis yelled.  I chuckle at him causing him to blush. WAIT! Did he blush because I laughed at what he said?

“Well no, not by blood I mean. I was adopted by you mums mum.”  She said with a smile.  “That means you and Louis can date!”  She said happily with an embarrassed Louis behind her blushing brighter than a tomato.  “MUM!!” Louis yelled at her in embarrassment.

“It’s ok Louis I’m gay too.”  I said with a smile.  His eyes pretty much popped out of his eye sockets.

“Really!?!” He asked.

“Yeah, that’s why my dad left me.”  I said with my smile fading to a thin line.

“Oh my God.  I’m sorry Niall, I didn’t know.”  Louis said rushing to me to give me a hug.  I hugged him back happily.  He smells like Vanilla.  I like it.


“So this is your and Louis’ room” Jay said to me as Louis was carrying some of my stuff up the stairs.

“Louis you didn’t have to help me with my stuff.”  I said to him.

“Nonsense, I should help my new roommate with his stuff.”  He said with a smile.

“Thanks Lou!”  I said giving him a nick name.

“Lou?”  He asked me raising an eyebrow.  I giggled.

“Haha don’t do that you look too cute.”  I say to him causing us both to laugh.

One thing is for sure… I am going to like it here.

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