The Schools New Kid

Niall's story about how he met new friends and his struggles through school and moving. Where does he move? He moves to London to live with his Aunt. Now I am going to put that thing that we all hate...READ MORE TO FIND OUT!!


1. When Were You Going To Tell Me?


He makes his way down the sidewalk on my way home. It is unnaturally hot.  He thought to himself as he approached my house.  He walks up to the door to not smell dinner like usual.  My eyebrows furrow as he open the door to see everything gone.


He walks through the house looking for my mum.  Where is she?  He thought.  "Mum!?"  He yelled into the empty house.  As he made it to my room to check he saw a note taped to the door.  On the note it said Niall with a heart next to it.


I am truly sorry that I have to do this just like your father but I am leaving you.  It is not because you are gay.  Son I love you how you are no matter what.  It's just, I don't have enough money for both of us.  I am now living with your father.  I am truly sorry Niall.  In this letter there should be a plane ticket to your Aunt's house.  Yes you have to go there is no where else for you to stay.  The flight leaves at 18:23.  Please don't miss it or else you will have to walk there.  I don't think you can walk across water.  Now once again I am sorry Niall. 

Signed,  Mummy <3


That was it.  That was all she left him with.  He wiped away the tears and checked my bedroom.  Right where my bed was were four suitcases.  He checked them to see if she happened to put money in there and to my luck he found 100 Pounds.  He grabbed the suitcases and hurried outside calling for a cab.  He checked the time and saw that he only had ten minutes until the plane left.  When the cab got there he told them to speed and he would double the pay.  We got there in two minutes and the toll was five pounds.  He threw in 15 and ran into the airport.  "Flight to London is now boarding on station B-22."  He heard the voice over the intercom say.  He rushed to check in and showed them my pass.  He ran to the thing where the check luggage and flew to B-22.  He got up there and the attendant said.  "Wow one more second and you would have missed it.  Good thing you’re cute."  She said flaunting her boobs in my face.  God that was disgusting. He thought.


During the flight he didn't sleep or eat. All he did was think one thing.  When were you going to tell me mum?


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