Emma dosnt understand, can you love more than one?
Dreams turn into nightmares and reality ruins her life!


7. Chapter 7

Louis POV

“Ooooh man that looks nasty,” an apologetic guy says.

“Yeah it stings like crazy, but im so glad you came around,” I say because im not in a good position to be losing friends, “so what was knocking through your head today, mate?”

“About that, im so sorry, you just triggered something inside me and Emm…” he stutters and stops.

“Emma what?” I begin to raise my voice.

“She uhmm just looks like my ex and memories rushed back and I got jealous,” he slowly said, looking at the ground the whole time.

“Oh, do you want to talk about it?” I feel bad now as I’ve been flaunting my wedding all over the boys.

“Nah, im good man,”

“Okay well if you do just give me a ding yeh?”

“Sure, well I gotta go tell Ems im so sorry,” he says and walks fastly to the door.

“Of course see ya tomo...” SLAM I get cut off by the door slamming.

I begin walking through the hall way to the stairs when a light catches my eye on the table in the living room, so I go back in and pick up a frame that the light was reflecting off. My gorgeous fiancé is smiling so naturally in a Hawaiian flower necklace and a hula skirt, I can remember this night so well it was our first holiday away together and she couldn’t stop laughing when she spilt her cocktail all down herself. She’s so chilled, I can’t understand what’s shook her up like this…

Emma’s POV

“Harry you look so handsome in that suit I bought you,” I say stroking his face with the back of my hand.

He takes my hand and pats it back to my side “Emma you look good to, but she’s here,” he whispers.

“Who honey?” I smile at him; hiding my confusion.

“Tiff,” he's still whispering.

“Tiffany? What’s she doing here?”

“Tiff’s my lover, what are you doing here?”

My face drops and tears line up behind my eyeballs “WHAT? Im your girlfriend! It’s date night!”

“You’re crazy! Get out of here, she’s coming out of the bathroom, MOVE MOVE!” he pushes me away and I run out crying then I whack my head on the glass door and fall backwards.

I spring forwards panting, out of breath and crying so hard my head aches. Wait, why is the floor soft and why is it so dark? My bed! Thank God! I flick the light switch and blink to adjust to the light. My crying slows down as I realise it was just a dream, only a dream, but more like a nightmare…


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