Emma dosnt understand, can you love more than one?
Dreams turn into nightmares and reality ruins her life!


6. Chapter 6

Louis’ POV

Where is she going? What’s going on with everyone?

“Louis, man she’s gone,”

“Yeah Niall, thanks I can see that,” I turn on him.

“Look mate I was only trying to help,” he says with annoyance in his tone.

“Yeah dude, I know, I’m just so confused right now,” I cool off a bit and try to stand up after my nasty fall.

“It doesn’t seem to be your day today,” Liam laughs.

I laugh back lightning my mood “no it doesn’t,” everybody’s crowding around me now and they’re all waiting for answers to the strange happenings but I don’t know them “hey girls, has Emma ever mentioned Harry to you before?”

I receive very slow uncertain replies of “umm no I don’t think so”

“Well im gonna make my way home, see ya next week lads,” I say and limp out of the rehearsal hall.

Emma’s POV

My Mum’s house is massive and Louis doesn’t even know where it is, maybe I should call him and try to explain some things.

“Ring ring” im surprised as I was heading for the phone it starts to go off just a touch away.

“Hey Lou look im staying at my Mum’s for a few nights, today was so weird and I need to sort some stuff out, yeah?”

“Emma im gonna be around in a minute,” the phone dies off and it wasn’t Lou, I didn’t read the screen before talking, it was Harry… and he knows too well where my Mums house is… Oh god what am I going to do?!

A couple of minutes later the doorbell rings and I stay still on the sofa hoping for him to go away.

A loud knock on the window scares the jelly beans out of me “Emma open the door I don’t think the bells working,” sometimes I wonder if Harry is a natural blonde.

I open the door and let him in and the conversation doesn’t really roll to well.


“Hi Emma,” he looks a bit guilty.

“So are you going to explain today for me?” I say like a mother to a naughty child.

“Well, Louis was raving about some fancy suit he’d got and a great place he’d booked for the wedding and some amazing places he was going to go on his honey moon and I seemed to lose my cool,” he trails off and looks at me to talk.

“Lost your cool? I came and my fiancé might have to wear a patch for our wedding!” I shout at him, but he just laughs like the bully he can be sometimes.

“Yeah, well your secret is a bit hard to keep you know, so it was either I slipped a punch out or I slipped a secret out,” he was making it difficult for me to argue.

“Fine but next time you hit him, you’re gonna, you’re gonna,” rage was building up inside of me as I couldn’t think of a punishment hard enough to say so the old, very bad saying came out “you’re gonna get it!”

“This isn’t what I came here to talk about,” he says so I just stay quiet and let him talk “will you never forgive me?”

“I have!”

“Obviously not!”


“Well if you had forgiven we would be planning our wedding right now,”

“NO I don’t love you, how many times seriously do I have to tell you?!”

“It’s not that you don’t love me it’s just trust at the minute we can work on that,”

“No, not after catching you with her I can’t!”

“You must if you’ve forgiven me and not her,”

“She was a bitch, she was my best mate, she knew how much I liked you and she went and did it, but you were only dating me for a few weeks, what she did was much worse in them circumstances, I could forgive you,”

“Okay then, pretend you don’t have those feelings for me, lie to me I don’t mind for now, I will wait, I don’t care how long, but I know you will come back,” he smiles and kisses me on the cheek.

“And you will still stay quiet,”

“Yes but im still not sure why,”

“You know Louis and he is such a loyal mate to you, he would never date one of your ex’s and if we told him now he would know we’ve been lying and would be so hurt he may have trust issues with me,”

“Oh Emma your just as bad as me, we were made for each other,”

“Harry that’s sick! Get out!”

“See you soon,” he winks and closes the door behind him.

I sigh and leave the Louis confrontation till after tee.

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