Emma dosnt understand, can you love more than one?
Dreams turn into nightmares and reality ruins her life!


5. Chapter 5

Harry’s POV

What a bitch! She loves me! She just won’t admit it because Mr Fancy Pants has promised her things I don’t have! Urghh spoilt, arrogant, girl!

My rage travels through me and out of my mouth into an ear splitting scream. But I know I can’t let it get over me to far because Louis never knew about us and I promised Emma never to tell because she knew he wouldn’t date her if he knew. And if I break my promise now I know our chances of trust again will be much slimmer.

Im so stupid, I love her and she loves me and that will never change no matter how much she tells me it has, the only thing that has changed is trust and that’s my bridge to build, if only she gave out second chances.

I make my way home taking the limbo and call the only person I know won’t tell, Uncle Simon.

Emma’s POV

This is getting too far, what if he told Louis and that’s what the fight was about? Or what if he hasn’t told and he just can’t handle it anymore? What if it’s my entire fault and I never see him again? All of the thoughts running through my head overwhelm me and Louis’ eye has closed and thick mucus is oozing out sealing the lids together.

“Lou I think we should get you to a doctor,” I say whilst wiping my tears away before they fall down my cheekbones.

“Isn’t there first aid around anywhere?” Charlotte questions, trying to help.

“No, usually stuff like this doesn’t happen,” the blonde, Irish bloke replies sharply. I don’t know why but that kind of ticks me off.

“Well can’t someone do something!?” I snap “He’s hurt and everyone is just standing here making stupid suggestions!” Everyone turns to me looking shocked and Charlotte looks hurt and a little upset but she hides it quickly.

“Honey calm down im fine! Harry should be the one worried, not us,” he tries to soothe me but too much is happening and too many emotions are running up and down my body.

“Im not fine!” it comes out wrong and I panic “I mean you’re not fine! Im completely fine! It’s you it’s all you!” everything is coming out wrong!

“What’s me? What have I done? Are you all right? Emma!” I’ve made Louis panicked to and I pull away from him as I realise everything’s messed up.

“Emma come back!” he shouts at me as I push past my friends who stare appalled at me and I run down the corridors, I take a quick glance back and see Louis chase me.

“OWW,” I hear from behind and I take another glance back to see my boo bear has tripped on the corridor and is stumbling to get back up.

I run as fast as I can down the street and jump like I have springs on my feet, into a taxi and give the driver my mum’s address, who is currently on holiday.

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