Emma dosnt understand, can you love more than one?
Dreams turn into nightmares and reality ruins her life!


4. Chapter 4

Louis’ POV

“Dude chill it!” what is up with Harry I don’t understand, what has gotten into him?

“Give me the phone! Emma! Emma!” he’s shouting down the phone even though I’ve already cancelled the call.

“She’s gone I lost signal, what has gone into you?” I give him a stare and realise he is bleeding and angry. My stare is broken by my sagging eye and my forehead is throbbing. I begin walking to the bathroom with a look of disgust on my face.

“Look mate, im sorry, im not sure what came across me,” Harry’s mood has completely changed but it turns mine up all the way.

“Just back off!” I snap “what is it with Emma, are you jealous I have a fiancé? Why do you want to talk to her you haven’t even met her before? Have you taken something? Has someone slipped something in your drink?” I yell at him whilst I continue marching to the bathroom completely ignoring everything he shouts back at me.

Emma’s POV

“Louis! Louis?” I shout for my honey bunny, I can’t see him anywhere.

A gorgeous blonde lad comes towards us, “umm excuse me, I don’t think you’re supposed to be back here are you lost?” his deep Irish accent makes me feel warm and he seems so friendly.

“Urghh no, umm I’m Emma, Har... urghh Louis’ fiancé and these are my friends,” I give a vague point at my friends next to me.

“Oh of course you’re Emma! I’ve seen so many photos,” I blush bright red and can’t believe Louis has flaunted me in front of his friends.

My mind flashes back to why I’m here and my panicked expression streaks across my face again “where’s Louis?” I unnecessary shout at him.

A shocked look comes upon his face “I’m so sorry I don’t know, last time I saw him he was backstage with Harry.”

Two other boys join Niall and my friends hang back and flirt whilst I run off down the stairs and through the corridors till I hear two voices scream at each other. I follow the noise until I find two striking gods battered and angry outside of the man’s bathroom.

“Honey!” I’m gobsmacked as I see the love of my life hurt, only I’m not sure which guy it is!

They both look at me with loving and sorry eyes and in unison say “Emma!”

My eyes well up with tears and I run over to them with a split second choice of leaping into Louis’ arms. Louis gives Harry very evil looks.

“Boo bear what happened?” I don’t know why I asked because I already figured it out.

Echoes of footsteps come from the corridor. “Woo man, what’s going on?” a dark haired man with a blonde streak in his quiff questioned us with a puzzled and surprised tone.

“Nothing!” Harry stormed off angry and upset confusing everybody and leaving me to be the only one in the know. Louis pulled me in close making me feel protected and safe; I reach up and plant a soft kiss on his cheek to let him know how I feel.

“Guys im gonna see you tomorrow, tell Harry he can apologise in the morning but don’t let him talk to me until then!” Louis says very serious, I feel like it’s my entire fault and now its defiantly time for the junk food!


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