Emma dosnt understand, can you love more than one?
Dreams turn into nightmares and reality ruins her life!


3. Chapter 3

“Ding dong”

Urghh that will be Amber, Charlotte and Ciara, im not particularly in the mood for a girly day of gossip and laughter, I just want to cry, eat comfort food and watch movies on my own. But I don’t have the heart to tell them to go home, so I fall off the couch and sulkily walk over to the door and open it to see 3 wide eyed, giggling girls, stride into my house and make themselves comfy on my sofa without an invite in.

“Umm HELLO? Do we not say hi to each other anymore?” I question rather angry.

“HI!” they all shout in unison.

“Em where’s the popcorn… and the ice cream… and the chocolate?” Ciara asks surprised.

“At the shop, I was gonna order a pizza instead,” I did have all of the fatty stuff in the fridge, but I just wanted to save it for myself to cry into, on my own.

“Oh, alright then, umm so Em we’ve come to talk about something…”she stopped as if I was supposed to know what she wants.

Charlotte cuts in after a moment of silence, “Em whose you maid of honour?” she screams with excitement and all 3 girls faces light up with eagerness as mine droops like a flower without water. I had completely forgotten about the wedding! My eyes tear up and I run to the bathroom as my friends follow completely bewildered.

“Em what’s going on?” Amber shouts through the door in a concerned voice. I don’t answer as all my mouth can manage is mumbles and sniffles.

“Em please tell us, is it us? Is Louis cheating on you? Is the wedding off?” Charlottes mind is rolling through all the possibilities but I stay silent and let it roll down a hill of them.

They begin banging on the door with impatience. I open it and push past them onto the sofa and wrap a blanket tightly around me. For some reason they are all mute. I look around me searching for the reason behind the silence. They’re all standing around a glowing light.

“Guys what’s that?” I ask keen to know.

They all stare up at me with a panicked look on their faces.

“Em umm you have a text,” Ciara says quietly.

“Oh is it Louis? He said he would ring around lunch maybe he was too busy,” my tears and sniffles have faded as my mind has been preoccupied.

“No it’s not Louis,” Amber says handing me my phone.

I read a text from Harry telling me how sorry he is and that it wasn’t his fault and he didn’t start it. I’m confused but obviously by my friend’s faces they’ve read between the lines. I take it as Harry’s saying sorry for our break up, so I try to cover my tracks.

“Uhhh Harry again no matter how many times he says sorry im standing my ground, he knows what he did is wrong!”

My friends faces only look at me in horror and pity clearly I don’t understand.

“Em we know what he did is wrong but I don’t think this is what it’s about,” Charlotte explains to me.

“Ring… Ring…”

“Hey honey, how’s rehearsals?” I try to sound like I haven’t been crying but I don’t think it matters as it sounds pretty loud down the phone, evidently its busy at rehearsals.

“Is that Emma, let me talk to her!” I hear someone scream at Louis.

“Go away crazy! Get back! Get off my phone! OWW!” Louis screams at somebody who wants to talk to me urgently.

I hear crackling then the phone cuts off.

“Guys we have to get down to the palace theatre, now!” I panicky shout at my friends whilst sprinting out the door.

“Why?” Amber shouts after me.

“That’s where the boys are rehearsing and I think Louis is hurt,” my voice is shaky as im worried for my boo bear. We all climb into Ciara’s range rover and head off no more questions asked.

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