Emma dosnt understand, can you love more than one?
Dreams turn into nightmares and reality ruins her life!


1. Chapter 1

Emma's POV

"OMG Harry I can’t believe you did this!" I shouted down his ear with excitement whilst my eyes widen with disbelief!


"I did it all for you," Harry whispers in my ear whilst nuzzling it softly. Any little touch with Harry sends butterfly’s rushing to my tummy! I spin around taking in all the bright colours, dazzling lights and what is that!?


"An elephant! How did you get an elephant?" I exclaim, whilst stuttering with happiness several times.


"It's a carnival, silly! Elephants are always available, or at least they are when you’re in One Direction!" he chuckles softly to himself. His warm hands fall down my back and tangle themselves between my fingers. We slowly walk through the lights and the colours, swinging our arms like they do in the movies.


We reach a wheel the size of a house with pink fairy lights wrapped around its frame.


"Ladies first" Harry holds his arms out and lifts me into the rocking seat. Across the back of the leather is painted "love seat" and rose petals are sprinkled across the leather. Harry climbs in and shouts "ready Jeeves," obviously an inside joke that flies over my head, as shock is still coming over me! The seats rock a little more as we are lifted high in the sky.


"You know this is my first ferries wheel I've been on" I tell him. He stretches his arm over my shoulders and pulls me in close. With his spare hand he lightly traces my chin pulling me closer to him without me realising, our lips edge closer and closer, his eyes look so gorgeous up close and I pucker up ready....




I spring forward and hit the off button, almost crushing my alarm!


"Morning honey" the sweet sound of my fiancé’s voice is unsettling as I realise it's not Harry...


That was the first dream I've had of Harry since the breakup.

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