Love Of My Life.

Faith is an american girl who just moved to london with her dad who just got offered a great job oppertunity, little does she know she meets the love of her life.
{this is my friends story, im putting this up for you guys. she wrote it so tell me what you think about it :)}


5. the next day

Faith's P.O.V

Harry laid beside me in my bed and we just looked into each others eyes for a few minutes then he lent over and kissed me our lips touched it was the best feeling in the world. But then there was a knock on my door and i could here my dad telling me to get up. When i opend my eyes Harry wasnt there any more it must have been a dream but it felt so real. I took a quick shower then got ready for school i went down stares and there was a note at the table next to some bacon and eggs. The note read-

dear Faith,

I had to go to work early today and i wont be home till later on you should be sound asleep by the time i get home. Have a great day at school. I love you.

Love dad. 

My dads job was very diffacult he had to work wierd hours and sometimes i wouldnt be able to see him at all for two days straight you see my dad is a FBI agent and they work wierd hours.

I walked out of the house to see a car sitting in the drive way. I thought to my self i thought dad already left as i got closer to the car i recognized it to be Harrys car he got out and met me at the passenger side door.

"so faith did you sleep well?"

"yeah i was sound asleep all night" I didnt want to tell him about the dream i had he would probably think im wierd.

Harry's P.O.V

I decided to drive to faith's house and take her to school so she wouldnt have to wait in the dark for the bus the main reason i picked her up was because i wanted to see her agin. I had a dream about her last night i just didnt want to tell her because she might think im a little creapy. In my dream me and her laid together in her room well i think her room because it wasnt mine but anyway we laid there and just looked into each others eyes for the night but then i kissed her and my alarm clock woke me up and i found my self kissing my pilow. i opend the car door for her and she got in. the car ride to school was silent but i found my self looking at her every other minute.

when we got to school i huged her and we went our seperate ways. At lunch every one was asking if me and her were dating but i just told them were friends because i really wasnt sure if we were just more and i didnt want to tell people we were and then have her denie it. she sat at a table acroos the lunch room. I didnt even know we had the same lunch together. I got up from the table and went to sit with her when i sat down every one stared even the teachers. After the awkward lunch it was time for fourth period and i saved her a seat so she can sit beside me. it was a two person table we sat at so we sat in the way back where every one couldnt stare.

Faith's P.O.V

After the awkward lunch me and Harry had, it was time for fourth period and me and harry sat in the way back. I could only think of him while the teacher was talking. then i made a move and i grabbed his hand and he seemd to tense up but he held my hand to. we held hands all class period when the bell rang he was still holding my hand and we walked to his car together holding hands like we were a couple EVERYONE stared and i mean everyone. he drove me home and before i got out of the car he lent over and kissed me it felt more realistic then what my dream felt like. At that moment i realized i was falling hopelessly in love with him. i thanked him for the car ride and got out and shut the door. Then i got my keys out and unlocked the house and went inside. I thought to my self today was the best day ever.


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