Love Of My Life.

Faith is an american girl who just moved to london with her dad who just got offered a great job oppertunity, little does she know she meets the love of her life.
{this is my friends story, im putting this up for you guys. she wrote it so tell me what you think about it :)}


6. the kiss

Faith's P.O.V

i woke up to my alarm clock today because dad had to go to work early today again. i got ready for school like i normally do then i went down stares to eat breakfast but then there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to find Harry standing there waiting for me. he lent in kissed me and said "good morning love" I said good morning back and invited him in. 

"Do you want some bacon?"

"no thanks i ate breakfast but i did have something to ask you"

"ask away"

"well every one has been asking if we are together and i just want to tell them the truth so what should i tell them?"

"well you can kiss me one more time then i will give you the answer"

when he kissed me every thing just felt right i don't know why but it just felt right nut then it all changed at the sound of the front door opening. 

Harry's P.O.V

faith invited me in and i asked her what i should tell people when they ask if were together she told me to kiss her so i did when we kissed it felt perfect until the front door opened. It was faiths dad he caught me and faith kissing. what is going to happen? what will he think?

" I forgot my notebook." he said and quickly went to another room then he walked out the front door not saying anything he just left.

faith looked at me and told me that i could tell them we were dating. the car ride was very awkward she didn't say anything to me we just held hands and listened to music.


Sorry about the short cheesy chapter i was sick today and couldn't really think about what to wright. 

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