Love Of My Life.

Faith is an american girl who just moved to london with her dad who just got offered a great job oppertunity, little does she know she meets the love of her life.
{this is my friends story, im putting this up for you guys. she wrote it so tell me what you think about it :)}


3. Meeting my dad

Faiths P.O.V

Its about 6:30 and Harry is going to be here in a hour and a half and my dad is meeting harry for the first time my dads job involves weapons and is very dangerous for him. Im scared that my dad is going to do something he will regret i dont know how dads going to take it when he finds out harry has tattoos.

I jump in the shower and after im done showering I wraped my towel around my hair and wraped one around me then went to the closet to pick out a dress for tonight. I looked through the reds and the blacks and the many other colors to find that none of them will look good for tonight. I started searching through the boxes to find my moms old black dress with sparkels all over it, floor length and tight fitting. it was her dress when she was in high school she was suppose to wear it to prom but ended up not going. I didnt know she packed it for me she loved that dress and would never let me wear it so i decided to put it on for the first time it fit perfectly.

After that I plugged in my hair curler and waited for it to heat up I curled my long blonde hair and then did my make up then i hear the door bell ring. Dad opened the door and invited harry to sit at the table where he had all of his guns and he started cleaning them i could here him talking about them to harry. I put on my heels and started to walk down the steps harry and dad met me at the bottom harry looked at me and said "your beautiful" and dad gave him an awkwerd glare.

I said by to dad and me and harry walked to his car when we were in he looked at me with his beautiful eyes and said "He seems......... nice" and i giggled at the expression on his face.

Harrys P.O.V

Faiths dad seemed a little scary to me when we were talking at the table he went on to explain how he has a lot of guns and he knew how to use them. Then when faith walked down the stares all i could say was she looked beautiful and her dad looked at me with those eyes saying thats my daughter and you better not hurt her kind of eyes. I would never do anything to hurt her her giggle was the cutest thing i have ever heard she was perfect in every way to me. I am taking faith to a very fancy resteraunt and very exspensive to but i had enough money saved up. On our date i plan on telling faith im going to try out for the Xfactor and see what she thinks. I hope she likes the idea.

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