Love Of My Life.

Faith is an american girl who just moved to london with her dad who just got offered a great job oppertunity, little does she know she meets the love of her life.
{this is my friends story, im putting this up for you guys. she wrote it so tell me what you think about it :)}


10. LOVE

Harry's P.O.V

me and faith have been staying in the hotel now for about two weeks now and I have been practicing alout. I sing whenever I get the chance, and what faith dosen't know is every time I sing i'm singing to her I love her and i think shes amazing.

Faith's P.O.V

harry went out with his mum to go shopping while I stayed at the hotel I mostly slept but when I was up I was sick I felt horrible the smell of food just desgusted me I couldnt stand it. I probably just have the flu so it should be better here soon but i need to run to the store to get personal items due to my monthy friend who shold have came three weeks ago but hasnt yet I guess I should get a pregnancy test while im there.

after I got back from the store I took the pregnancy test just to be sure that I wasnt pregnant as I waited for the results all I could think was what happens if I am what will happen will harry leave me I was so confused and then the test said..........

Harry's P.O.V

while me and my mum were shooping I stoped at a jewlrey store just to look around because I was looking for a ring for Faith I know were young but I want to be with her no matter what i love her. I got to the rings and was looking around to find the perfect one that wasnt that expensive so my mom piched in and helped me buy the ring even though she wasnt to happy about me praposing. tonight will be the night I will take her out and get down on one knee. but where should I take her I got the perfect idea.

later that night

"Harry your back" Faith screamed as I came into the hotel room

she ran up to me and huged me really tightly I guess she missed me.

"why are you so excited love?"

"I have something to tell you Harry I'm....."

"wait I have something to tell you to will you come to the park with me for a stroll"


We were walking to the park and it was quiet for most of the walk but thats how it normally is. we got to the park and I had laid out a blanket and candles and rose pettels were spread all over the blanket and Faith's eyes just lit up like I have never noticed her beautiful emrald eyes as the glistened in the moon light she was beautiful.

She turned to look at me and thats when I grabbed her hands.

"Faith you are the most amazing girl I have ever ment and your so beautiful i know i'm way out of my league but I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you"

i got down on one knee and pulled out the ring and she started to cry.

"Will you marry me?"

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