Love Of My Life.

Faith is an american girl who just moved to london with her dad who just got offered a great job oppertunity, little does she know she meets the love of her life.
{this is my friends story, im putting this up for you guys. she wrote it so tell me what you think about it :)}


1. First Day.

"Faith, Get up." I heard my dad say to me. I opened my eyes and looked around my unfinished bedroom and sighed.

"I know it's a big adjustment but, think about the possitives." he told reasurring that it was a good thing we moved from the U.S to here. it has yet to show me this 'good thing'.

"You got school today so get ready. Breakfast is done." And then he left down the stairs. I climbed out my bed litteraly becasue my bed was like 4 feet high, it was mostly all mattress, but it was comfortable. I got out my clothes and got dressed. I went to my bathroom,  one of the good things about my room, personal bathroom. I looked at my hair, ran a brush through it and brushed my teeth. I finished and headed down stairs to find the smell of bacon in the air. Yum.

"Hey, you look better." he said with a smirk always a jokester.

"Yup, crap I have to go our else ill be late for the bus." I said rushing through the kitchen grabbing a bagel and my bag, then I left for the bus. I was the only one at the busstop, which is a downer because im alone and its practicly dark in the mornings. The bus comes and pickes me up. It takes about 20 mins to get there, and it boring just like the U.S.

I got thru three classes and now im at the last one, I sit at my desk and the teacher  says " Now its time to choose partners for the projects." he reads off the names, what I was dreading.

"Harry and Faith." He was the most popular guy in school. Why did I get paired up with him? The bell rings and as im walking down the hallway, I feel a warm hand touch my shoulder. I stopped dead in my tracks. It was Harry.

"Do you wanna meet after school and work on the poject?"

"Yeah, Sure. That will work." I said. I hought to myself: He talked to me but then again it was for a project. He was popular so why would he talk to me other wise. the day went faster then expected. I walked out of the door and saw Harry standing there waiting for me by his car.

"nice car." I said as I aproached him.

"Thanks." He said in a deep voice. (Which was kinda sexy to me.)

"Whos house are we going to?" I asked.

"We could go to mine, my parents arent home." He responded in a cheerful voice. We got in the car and headed to his place. When we got there he took me a to a room  that looked like the living room. After we worked on the project for an hour, we stopped and took a break to grab a snack. After the snack I sarted to work again but Harry kept asking me a bunch of Questions.

"Where are you from?" he asked calmy.

"I am originaly from shippensburg, Pennsylvania in the USA."  I said still working on the project.

"Your from america?" he asked

"Yes I am originally"

"Thats cool I have never been to America, why did you move here?"

"Well my dad had lost his job and there was a great opportunity for my dad to get a job with a good pay so we moved here"

"Thats great for your dad but how do you like it here?"

"well so far its ok I really dont know anyone here and its kind of wierd for me though but I will get use to it"

"Well now you know me."


"Well lets get back to work" 

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